WaveTops is the e-newsletter published by the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation (USNA AA&F). WaveTops covers news, announcements, and special events concerning the USNA AA&F, alumni, midshipmen, the Yard, and the Navy and Marine Corps. If you have comments or suggestions concerning WaveTops, please email Digital Communications or Managing Editor.

  September 2023 WaveTops
Alumni Center Dedication, Honoring Our Fallen Heroes, Celebrating Heritage Month
  August 2023 WaveTops
Rhumblines, Superintendent Retires, Navy in Ireland
  July 2023 WaveTops
A New Look, Ride Across America, Christmas in July
  June 2023 WaveTops
Strategic Plan, I-Day, Call for Nominations
  May 2023 WaveTops
Commissioning Week, Plebe Recognition, Board of Trustees Updates
  April 2023 WaveTops
Prospective Superintendent, Bombing Survivor, Great Class Challenge
  March 2023 WaveTops
Alumni Center Naming, Distinguished Graduates, Leadership Forum
  February 2023 WaveTops
Super Bowl Flyover, Heritage Months, Board Election
  January 2023 WaveTops
A&SP Chair Steps Down, New EVP, Board Elections, Churchill Scholar
  December 2022 WaveTops
2023 Distinguished Graduates Announced, New Coach, Season’s Greetings
  November 2022 WaveTops
Rhodes Scholar, Conyers Honored, Army-Navy
  October 2022 WaveTops
New SIGs, Army-Navy, Mentoring Program Turns 10
  September 2022 WaveTops
Honor Our Fallen, Hispanic Heritage Month, SACC in TX 
  August 2022 WaveTops
Distinguished Graduates, Call for Nominations, Estate Planning 
  July 2022 WaveTops
In Memoriam: Bird '24, Nomination Requests, Grand Prix in '23 
  June 2022 WaveTops
Welcome Class of 2026, San Diego SACC, Blue and Gold