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Shipmate is the official alumni magazine of the U.S. Naval Academy. Distributed worldwide, the mission of the magazine is to keep alumni, midshipmen, parents, donors, legislators, faculty, administrators and friends informed, interested, and excited about the Naval Academy and the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation.

This year we celebrate the 87th year of Shipmate magazine, the flagship publication for connection and outreach with our 69,000 living alumni. Shipmate will publish six times in 2024.

- May-June will arrive around 31 May
- July-August will arrive around 2 August
- September-October will arrive around 4 October
- November-December will arrive around 29 November

The delivery of these six printed issues continues to align Shipmate with industry standards. In fact, based on extensive research by our communications team, a majority of peer institution alumni magazines are released in print four times per year. Many have begun releasing printed issues only twice per year.

Shipmate, however, will continue to deliver impactful stories showcasing alumni's amazing achievements in the fleet/Marine Corps, their communities and the private sector. 

This is more than an alumni magazine. This is our medium for maintaining connections with alumni by sharing impactful storytelling and highlights of the extraordinary things Naval Academy alumni are doing in and out of uniform and at all levels of leadership.

Shipmate continues to be available in an online format, as well. 

We will also be engaging with our readership in the coming months in order to ensure accuracy in our distribution and to offer permanent opt-outs of the printed edition. We value your feedback on how we can best deliver news and the stories that bind us together. Please send feedback to Jimmy DeButts, Editor.

80+ Years of Shipmate

Available online (membership required). "Sign In" to view.


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