Lost or Stolen Rings

If you have any issues with your ring or if your ring gets lost or stolen here are some important tips:

If you have your ring:

  • Make sure it fits well. If you need the contact info for your class jeweler to have it resized, email us. Usually it doesn’t cost much to have this done - far less than replacing your ring with the current price of gold.
  • Make sure the engraving is readable. If it is not, again, contact the jeweler and consider having it redone. This could be your ring’s ticket home if it gets lost.
  • Make sure you have it adequately insured. I know a replacement just wouldn’t be the same, but it’s better than a naked finger, right? Right now, the replacement cost, not the purchase cost or appraised cost, is going to be highest. If you send the jeweler the specs on your ring, they should be able to give you an estimate of the current replacement price.
  • Take good photos and note any identifying marks aside from the interior engraving - when rings show up on eBay, sellers don’t like to give out names (for obvious reasons) and we can’t make them do it. If you have an unusual scratch or chip or stone combination, this may make YOUR ring stand out from all the other gold rings with blue stones (the most common color combination). 

The number one place where rings are lost? Public restrooms. Don’t forget!

If you have lost your ring:

  • File a police report and keep it where you can find it. Police monitor local pawn shops and can keep an eye out there, but it may also be a free ticket home if your ring shows up on eBay. A police report is a powerful tool.
  • Click link below to email the information. This way, we have a good description of what to look for and how to get in touch with you quickly. It is frustrating to have a found ring with a short timeline and no contact information.
  • And lastly, don’t give up hope that it will show up one day. They turn up in interesting situations all the time and maybe YOU will be the next lucky one.

If you have lost your ring, please send an email.