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The Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP) was established as the 50th Legacy Gift of the Class of 1969, to promote the USNA culture of Alumni helping Alumni to achieve “the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship, and government.” Alumni from all classes may participate as volunteer mentors or protégés or both. These mentors and protégés (over 1,830 as of February 2017), matched through an e-mentoring on-line platform, engage in meaningful, confidential discussions about career and life planning, goal setting and moving forward toward a higher level of achievement.

The Class expects to turn over management and operation of AMP to the Alumni Association as an on-going service offering to Alumni.

Volunteer as a Mentor
Mentors share, teach, and expand the mind to imagine what is possible. Mentoring is a way to give something back and to experience the gratification that comes from helping fellow alumni achieve greater success. 

Participate as a Protégé
Protégés gain valuable insight, wisdom, and advice from alumni mentors selected by the protégé from any class, to make important
career and life decisions, set higher goals, and achieve more. Take advantage of this valuable, free service now. Like your ring, you’ve earned it! 

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Mentoring FAQ's:

The Alumni Mentoring Program is a system of connecting Alumni to promote the ongoing fulfillment after graduation of the Academy's Mission for Alumni to "assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government."
Read the FAQ's for more info

More About AMP:

Been There, Done That - Shipmate article, Membership & Services 2014

Another Chance at Mentoring - USNI Proceedings article, Sept. 2014
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For more information, contact: Stephen Leaman  
Dr. Steve Hudock 

RADM (Ret.) Stan Bryant, AMP Director of Communications 




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