The Council of Class Presidents

The Council of Class Presidents (COCP) provides class presidents with a forum to discuss issues and initiatives of common interest to the classes and develop recommendations for proposed action. Additionally, COCP facilitates dialogue between the class presidents and Naval Academy and Alumni Association and Foundation officials. 

COCP is independent of but closely associated with the Alumni Association and Foundation; it has its own charter, which conforms to the bylaws of the Alumni Association. COCP meets twice annually in support of the scheduled meetings of the Board of Trustees, or as required.

COCP also offers an equitable way to select class presidents for service as class trustees on the Board of Trustees of the Alumni Association. With a few exceptions, each decade (e.g., the classes from 1950 to 1959) elects one of its class presidents as the decade representative to conduct business within the decade. Seven members of the Board of Trustees are from the ranks of class presidents:

- 30's, 40's and 50's Decade: CAPT Dave S. Cooper, USN (Ret.) '57 through Spring 2020

- 60's Decade: CAPT Gary A. Storm, USN (Ret.) '68 through Spring 2020

- 70's Decade: CDR Michael J. Novak, USN (Ret.) '70 through Spring 2020

- 80's Decade: Mr. James S. Schwab '88 through Spring 2021

- 90's Decade: Mr. Robert Kuberski '93 through Spring 2021

- 00's Decade: Maj Jeffrey McCarthy, USMC '00 Spring 2020

- 10's Decade: LTJG John-Rex Spivey, USN '13 through Spring 2021

The most effective way to contact class trustee is through your class president. Class trustees advise class presidents of any questions or issues raised by a member of another class. Significant issues for review and subsequent vote at COCP meetings are submitted through the decade of the individual who submits an issue paper. Review Issue Paper Process under "ABOUT COCP".

About COCP

Council Officers:

Chair - Maj Jeffrey McCarthy, USMC '00 Spring 2020

Vice Chair - CAPT Gary A. Storm, USN (Ret.) '68 through Spring 2020

Secretary - 


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Issue Paper Process