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Career Programs department has assisted thousands of grads with their military to civilian transitions, job changes within the civilian sector and meeting prestigious university admissions recruiters for veteran friendly advanced education opportunities (MBA, EMBA and technical degrees). 

Career Programs provides a variety of ways for graduate members to take advantage of their service academy affinity, one of the most powerful assets alumni have. Career Programs offers every graduate the opportunity to showcase themselves while reaching out to fellow alumni for advice and assistance. "Meet Your Advisor" video

SACC—Service Academy Career Conference: The only job fair exclusive to service academy alumni, held quarterly around the country in Jacksonville, FL; Washington, DC; San Diego, CA; and San Antonio, TX.

SACCentral—exclusive to the five federal service academy’s graduates offering an alumni networking database, a slate of career/job transition webinars and tutorials, a resume posting database for hiring companies to access and a job posting program for companies, agencies and university advanced degree programs interested in connecting with service academy graduates.

An account has already been created for every graduate. To access your account, click here.

Career Counseling is available by appointment to alumni making career/job transitions from the military or moving in the civilian sector. Email Dave Church.