The U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation honors all Veterans. Below are messages of gratitude to our Veterans. We invite you to add a U.S. flag to our virtual wall of gratitude. Complete this form and use access code 111121 to add a Veteran for all to honor.

Andrew Cooper Blazuk Class of 2011

Brian Smith Class of 1991

Would not be here if it was not for him.

Jose “Joey” Iglesias Class of 2014

Joey, we are very proud of all of your accomplishments and your leadership excellence during your time as a Naval Officer! Thank you for your service!

Lt. Victor G. Reiling Jr. Class of 1962

A wonderful, honest and precise gentleman who could never do enough for others.

VADM Henry Crosky Mustin Class of 1955

VADM Henry “Hank” C Mustin was my granddad. His call sign was Hammerin’ Hank. He was class of 1955. His son is VADM John B Mustin is my dad.

Elizabeth Kealey Class of 2005

Betsy served with USMC and had deployments to Persian Gulf and Afghanistan. Died Jan 2015 in training accident near 29 Palms. Loved by many & missed!

Kristen M Murdock Class of 2004

Integrity first, service above self, excellence in all you do.

CDR John Valle Class of 1997

From an MM2 (nuke) to Midshipman to Commander, John retired after a 30 yrs of honorable service to our country...Shipmate, Classmate, Friend.

Charles Stevens Class of 1973

To my dad & my hero… Thank you for your service & sacrifice. I love you so much! Love, ClaireZee

Gene Berger Class of 1964

Thanks for your outstanding service to protect our freedom and our way of life.

Patrick Yarcusko Class of 2012

Thank you for your service

LT Alex Barta Class of 2017

Thanks for picking up the torch from us older Vets and holding it high! You make us Proud!

LT Nick Ramzi Class of 2017

On deployment and helping to keep us safe! Thanks for picking up the torch from us older Vets and holding it high! You make us Proud!

Michael Zakaroff Class of 2006

Michael Zakaroff, CMDR, Medical Corps Still actively serving his nation.

Thomas F Fulton Class of 1992

Our rock; we love you! Ana, Thomas and Alexander.

Art Pruett Class of 1987

Art served in the US Navy for 26 1/2 years, retiring at the rank of CAPT.

Cdr Steve Cushanick Class of 1980

Great American and awesome Shipmate!

CAPT Owen G. Thorp USN Class of 1977

CAPT Owen Thorp lasting impact on thousands of Midshipmen, through his leadership and example of service to others. His legacy will live in all of us.

Robert E Hyer, Jr Class of 1975

Robert Berger Class of 1970

Thank You for keeping us safe.

1st LT Lowell F VanWagenen Class of 1970

A wonderful person, great roommate, terrific husband and father. Gone much too soon. Semper Fi Lowell.

Thomas J. Boyle, Jr. Class of 1966

Losing aircraft engine power in flight in CA in '68, Tom chose to remain, steering his A/C to an empty crash site instead of into a nearby community.

Thomas A Derrickson III - USAFA Class of 1959

We went to high school together. Tom got me to apply for USNA/USAFA. We both graduated in 1959. He was shot down in Viet Nam

Hiram Desales Tosco Class of 2014

Hiram is a competent, hardworking, dedicated Marine Corps officer who cares a lot about the men he's responsible for. He's a man of integrity!

Ashton Pugh McCombs III Class of 1979

We mourn this Veterans' Day for the recent loss of our 23rd Company Brother. Ashton - we miss you, your laughter, and your love for your family! BZ!

Robert Kovac Class of 1979

Incredible 23rd Company Brother who we loved - we miss you Ko!

Michael E. Kennedy Class of 1979

CAPT Mike served our Nation well in and out of uniform for decades! Bravo Zulu Mike for a job well done!

Radm Raymond G. Jones, USN (Ret) Class of 1960

Submarine officer. Served on 6 subs. Commanded SSN 686, Sub SQD 16, Sub GRU 9, CNTT. 12 SSBN, 3 SSG, & 4 SSN patrols. OPNAV 80B; 12;13;&02B. CSLN4.

Kane Robert Hurt Class of 2021

3rd generation Naval Academy graduate aviator, Currently attending Flight School in Pensacola

Jay Jared Owens Class of 1999

Son of Gregg Owens '67, married Kim Landree-3 children, flew F-18'S, retired after 20 as a CDR. Captain, American Airlines, flying the Air Bus 380.

Gregg Ouray Owens Class of 1967

Gregg hailed from PA and was a member of the 33rd Company Class '67, married Cheryl Spotts -3 children Flew the S-3, flt accident took his life in '83

Paul F. Mickelson Class of 1965

Paul, 11th Co grad, served in nuclear subs and shock test trials. He was a dedicated shipmate too all.

Charles Chuck Saldarini Class of 1965

Chuck. an 11th Co grad was a marine's marine who served in Viet Nam. Parkinson;s Disease due Agent Orange probable cause of demise.

Barney Broms Class of 1965

Barney, 11th Co. grad lost when A-4 was downed in Viet Nam on Aug 01, 1968. Remains in Arlington Natl. cemetery.

Caroline Perruci Class of 2011

Caroline served as a Seabee after graduation and exemplified their motto of "We build, we fight."

Brendan R. Noble Class of 2009

USNA graduate and US Marine (Captain) who served his country, his fellow marines, and the Academy with the greatest of honor, courage, and integrity.

Charles A Crans, III Class of 2017

Alex is an amazing, grounded individual leading by example. He puts his colleagues happiness and well being ahead of his own. He is an amazing leader.

Grant Elliott Class of 2002

Proud of my cousin for his service and the example he has set for my kids.

Joel Lautrup Class of 1986

Thanks Joel for the USNA counsel for us and our '19 son. Alaska someday with Dusty!!

Kiel Norris Class of 1978

John Walderhaug Class of 1972

John Walderhaug. A true team player demonstrating "quiet strength" through thought and deeds. Left us too early, but not forgotten.

Tony Yannarella Class of 1962

Dearly remembered as my company mate at the USNA and a beloved friend. Rest in peace Tony.

Shelby V. T. Clark Class of 1954

Dad, we want to thank you for your many years of service to our country. We hope that you will be able to participate in a remembrance ceremony.

Shelby V. T. Clark, Sr. Class of 1954

Shelby, always proud to serve his country as a USNA officer for 23 years. Now, he is enjoying his retirement. He has been a wonderful husband + father

CAPT Walter Whitfield Webb Class of 1916

Thank you for being a role model, a leader of character, and trailblazer for generations to follow. Your stories still live on.

Admiral Ed Straw Class of 1969

Admiral Straw has become more a Supporter of our USNA '19 son. Friendship, mentoring, support, counsel, and host of the best Navy Football tailgate!!

Robert G Wilson Class of 1977

Husband, father of 3 daughters, son, brother, helicopter pilot, retired Commander, Procter & Gamble retiree.

Joe Suchy Class of 1973

Happy Veterans Day Joe! Thank you for your years of service in the Navy and all the years since as you lead by example for all to see and follow.

Hartley Holte Class of 1955

Hartley’s passion was the Naval Academy and the history we all create by being apart of something greater than ourselves.

Corwin Guy Mendenhall, Jr Class of 1939

🇺🇸👍A WW II submarine veteran (11 war patrols in the Pacific Theater on two boats, Sculpin and Pintado) and a loyal patriot to the end!👍🇺🇸

Clifford C. Wilson Class of 1979

SWOS and Surface Nuke, husband, father of 3 sons, retired from personally owned and operated company.

Capt. Henry Kolakowski Class of 1961

Hank was a wonderful friend and classmate. He gave his life leading his Marines in combat. We miss him very much. Paul Lang

CAPTAIN Brent Canady Class of 1984

CAPT Canady served in the Navy just shy of 30 years. He served in Command twice. When he is thanked for his service, he says, "It was a privilege."

Butch Ferguson Class of 2013

Sorely missed!

Andrew H Wilson Class of 1982

Retired P-3 NFO, husband and father of 2 daughters.

Robert Crotteau Class of 1968

US Naval Postgraduate School - MS in Electrical Engineering in 1969. 24 years service - Commanded USS New York City (SSN 696)

RAdm John K. Fyfe Class of 1936

Loved people. Loved life. Loved the Navy. Loved his family. And those in his life felt blessed to have him in their lives.

Peter Rowell Class of 1995

A wonderful man whose sacrifices resulted in service-connected disabilities… always strong in his beliefs.

Lt. Retired William H.Snouse Class of 1953

Bill is a vey congenial person. Never meets a stranger and a devout Christian. He is a kind, gentle, loving and caring person.

Jim Hogan Class of 1982

Rest in peace my old friend and roommate. You were a great person, and I miss you and think of you often.

Clarence Antonio Wiggins Class of 1982

Rest in peace Clarence. I miss you and think of you often, my friend.

Carroll Lefon Class of 1982

Rest in peace Carroll. I & many others, family and friends, miss you & think of you often.

John M. Maciejczyk Class of 1976

John is a loving husband & father of 5 who continues to serve his country as a AUSA prosecuting child predators & pornographers. WE LOVE YOU!!

LTJG Ernest H Greppin III Class of 1989

Our tall and handsome son who achieved his dream of graduating from the Academy and becoming a Navy SEAL. We continue to be ever so proud of him.

Peggy Feldmann Class of 1980

Trailblazer, Navy Diver, EDO, Commanding Officer, Wife, Mother

1LT Eugene Berthold, USA

Grandfather to LT Tim Berthold, USNA 2001. Served with 117th Combat Engineers in Bougainville and Luzon from May 1944 to Dec 1945

Shelby V. T. Clark Class of 1954

Dad, we are so proud of you and your service to God, your country and your family. We thank you for all you have done for so many.

Kimberly (HURD) Robertson Class of 1994

An overcomer!

Ike Owens Class of 1976

A great human being.

Tyrone Gorrick

Dedicated, committed and very proud of his service.

John Michael McGrath Class of 1962

Captain McGrath is a true hero. Tenacity, endurance, honor in the most trying of circumstances. Inspiration and role model to those who know him.

Daryl Chen Class of 1980

Daryl was a great rugby player and a happy soul who always had a smile to warm your day!

Ensign MAILLE Biederman Class of 2021

My daughter is my hero. Just a thought of her makes my heart soar. God bless her and all the other USNA grads. We all owe you.

Patrick Trevor Wayland Class of 2010

24 year old 2Lt Patrick Trevor Wayland, Midland, died as Result of injuries sustained during training exercise Naval Air Station Pensacola 08/06/2011

Timothy I. Metzler Class of 1982

Honest and steadfast. Faith, family, freedom and love of the USA are constant. Generous and giving. 38 years by his side has shown me that. Go Navy!

Kendall J. Ignatz Class of 2011

Kendall's dream of becoming a marine came true in 2011. He's currently a Major stationed in Quantico. We could not be prouder! Thank you Kendall!

Michael Pierce Class of 1995

You are missed!

Major Megan M. McClung, USMC Class of 1995

Gave her life on 12/06/2006 in Ramadi, Iraq--serving her country.

David Lee Allard Class of 1958

Dave was honored to serve in the US Navy. He was forever humbled to be part of such an awesome institution.

Lt. Michael Watrol Class of 2014

Active duty


Capt Consolvo, USMC (Iron Man Jack!) gave his life in defense of our country. He was always steady, strong and committed to duty, honor, country.

James George O'Keefe Class of 1972

Jim O'Keefe served his country with gratitude for the opportunity. He is remembered for his dedicated leadership and legendary humor. We miss him.

CAPT Merrill Dorman Class of 1963

CAPT Dorman served for 28 years in the submarine force and commanded USS Silversides (SSN-679). A renowned expert in Arctic ice operations!

Jed Donaldson Class of 1998

Thank you for your sacrifices and discipline throughout your career. Days are tough but hard work and determination always win the day.

Capt. William J. Hastie Class of 1960

I am a tin can and a submarine sailor who served with so many great people. God bless all who have served be it in the Navy, Marines, Army, Airforce!

CDR(Ret) Charles L. Meyers Jr. Class of 1980

The late Charlie AKA “Bogart” was a member of the 33rd herd, a SWO extraordinaire and a loving brother and friend. May God’s countenance shine on him

Andrew & Susan Bazzle Class of 2005

We are so proud of our son Commander Andrew Bazzle and his wife Susan for their service to our country. We love you! Go Navy! Beat Army!

John (Jay) Kennedy Class of 1982

Jay Thank you for your humble and selfless service to our country and to the many men and women whom you influenced in your career.

LTJG Marco Patzy Class of 2019

We are so proud of all your accomplishments. Thank you for your service.

Bob Bellitto Class of 1981

The very definition of fidelity when it comes to classmates/companymates/roommates. Whatever it is, Bob is there to help!

Ed Farrell Class of 1964

Dad, you taught me what it means to serve. You didn’t just talk about it—you modeled it. Thanks for your sacrifices for our family and country. Jim’99

Dave Bottorff Class of 1959

My wife's 1st Commanding Officer who aptly, deftly shepherded us as new junior officers, newlyweds, and young adults, placing us on a solid foundation

Alexis Elise Clancy Opferman Class of 2017

Alexis has consistently upheld the highest ideals of our military, starting at USNA through shipboard in Japan to current duty station at the Pentagon

Craig Steidle Class of 1982

Kept the A-3 Skywarrior flying for a decade more, brought the F-18E/F in ahead of schedule and under budget, & started NASA's Space Commercialization!

R. Craig Killlough Class of 1972

Craig was a member of 34th Co. At graduation he selected Nuclear Submarines. His character and leadership traits were examples for us all.

Commander Shelby V.T. Clark Class of 1954

ProudAmerican, God fearing spiritual Family leader, dedicated&true husband, honest hard-working & generous community man, &my loving supportive DAD!

Gary M. Hall Class of 1972

Thank you for your many years of service to our nation. We are truly grateful.

Ronald Wills Class of 1963

Tin Can Sailor - USS Norris (DD859), USS Massey (DD778), USS Warrington (DD843) PGM614 Vietnamese Navy

Robert P. Rupprecht, Jr. Class of 1962

F-4 RIO. Multiple Vietnam war cruises. VF-143 LSO (yes - as a RIO). F-14 project officer. Phoenix Air-to-Air Missile project officer.

Edward Wills Class of 1993

Submarine Veteran - USS Asheville (SSN758)

William J. Gieri Class of 1980

Dedicated & Selfless

Audrey (Petro) Dukleth Class of 2014

Our Veteran served her country proudly first aboard the USS Donald Cook DDG75, Rota, Spain, secondly, the USS Nimitz CVN68, Teamwork, a Tradition.

CAPT Norman J. Shackelton, Jr. Class of 1963

Surface Warfare Officer, Engineering Duty Officer, Brown Water Sailor in Vietnam, PhD. Father, Husband, and Friend. He will be missed forever.

Eli Bronshteyn Class of 2014

Dedicated, hard working, honest American! An inspiration to us all!

Robert A. Brandon Class of 1972

Bob was an outstanding Marine Corps aviator having flown with the Blues and later, Delta Airlines. A friend to all. RIP Brandoni.

CDR Raymond Wiggins, USN-Ret Class of 1942

Raymond Wiggins was a WWII veteran, and my dad. His love for the Navy inspired me to also attend USNA and serve my county in Operation Desert Storm.

Lt. Cmdr. Richard E. Dodson, retired Class of 1989

Captain Richard E. Dodson, retired Class of 1960

Lucian F. Dodson Class of 1931

David Durazzo Class of 1997

David proudly served around the world as an officer in the U.S. Navy for 20 years until his retirement in 2017.

LTJG John Robinson, USN

Uncle to LT Tim Berthold, '01. Swiftboat Captain in "brown water Navy" during Vietnam, conducting counter-insurgency and SEAL insertions.

CAPT Maurice A. Notch, USNR

Grandfather to LT Tim Berthold, '01. Served on USS Hornet as a Seaman and cut Jimmy Doolittle's hair prior to his famous raid. Survived sinking.

Michael Martinez Class of 1984

In recognition of your unselfish service to your country and for being a great roommate!

CDR (Ret) John Walters Class of 1987

Thank you for not only protecting our country but our family as well. Your sons honor you by following in your footsteps.

Jay James Class of 2000

2000 Grad. Surface Warfare Officer.

Ben Forney Class of 2017

Thank you for serving!

Brannon Bickel Class of 1997

Thank you for serving! We are so very proud in all you do.

Tahiti Steen Class of 2015

Thank you for your dedicated service! Your Family!

CDR (Ret) Frank Klein Class of 1979

My husband Frank is a truly generous person who had an amazing Navy career. Now he teaches youngster Physics and gives his time wherever its needed!

Thomas Burns Class of 1951

Thomas Burns served on the USS The Sullivans during the Korean War.

Michael Joseph Scirocco Class of 2007

We are grateful for Navy Lt. (SEAL) Michael J. Scirocco, his USNA '07 classmates, and their service to our country.

LCDR Roberto Coronado II Class of 2011

Earned the Air Medal with 20 combat missions while serving in Iraq.

Laurence McDavid Trotter Class of 2007

Honor, Courage, Commitment.

James Webb Class of 1968

Jim Webb was a USMC hero in the Viet Nam conflict whose leadership was never to be questioned. His wounds resulted in his discharge from the USMC,

Kevin Stroop Class of 2000

Surface Warfare Officer

VADM Paul D. Stroop Class of 1926

Naval Aviator, Veteran of World War II, Korea, Vietnam

Tony Marino Class of 1974

CDR Tony Marino, USN Retired was a Classmate, a Company Mate and a good friend. His service spanned 47 years. Thank You Tony!

Jack Gillooly Class of 1945

Jack is now 101 years young. He fought in 3 wars, has a Purple Heart and Bronze Star, and still reminisces about the 1943 Army Navy Game. Beat Army!

LT Commander Ashley Ellison Class of 2008

Thank you for your commitment to excellence and service to our country! Best daughter, sister and aunt ever! 2012 All-female E-2 Hawkeye mission!

LT Commander Ryan Ellison Class of 2006

Best son, brother, husband and father ever! Thank you for your service to our country and sacrifices made during deployments! 💙💛

James Kelly Patterson Class of 1963

My roommate for 3 years. Shot down over North Vietnam on May 19. 1967. Still MIA!

Captain Evan P. Reese, USN, (ret.) Class of 1960

Evan Reese flew SPADS, A6 Intruders, and EA6B Prowlers and was my pilot in VA-196. He died this year. Raise a glass in memory of a great man!

LtCol Bill "Salty" Watkins Class of 1989

Thinking about Bill and his family today. May God bless you all.

Jennifer Lednicky Class of 1991

A true Patriot, Jennifer embodies all the core USNA values of service within the military and in the civilian sector. Bravo Zulu for all you do!

Ronald M. Sedgley, CDR USNR Class of 1969

Layton S. Allen Class of 1942

Layton served on Colorado, Iowa and Lexington during WWII, then served his community and family with honor and integrity for the rest of his life.

Radm S. David Frost Class of 1953

David was a truly dedicated naval officer for thirty years and served honorably.

Alex Aguilera Class of 2000

Theodore M Ustick III Class of 1968

Dedicated teacher, patriot, father, continuing to sail through life and serve his fellow man

Theodore M Ustick II Class of 1939

Served his country well.

Andrew L. Hicks Class of 1988

I am proud of you for the sacrifice you made during the Persian Gulf War and the character instilled in you by USNA. You are a role model for so many!

Michael I. Turner Class of 1974

The family of Commander Michael I. Turner would like to express our family appreciation for the military service of Michael I. Turner

Alvin Hawaii Pauole Class of 1960

Native Hawaiian, 30 years US Navy, Submariner, Capt. USS Guitarro SSN 665, Cmdr. Sub. Squadron One, Senior officer Atlantic NPEB. Loved the Navy.

Timothy L Heely Class of 1975

Served 33 years on active duty, Continues to serve this great nation tirelessly. Fair winds and following seas, Heels!

David D Miller Class of 1970

I am the guy. Spent all my time in the submarine serice - most of it at sea.

Steven Eshman Class of 1977

Who knew we had a Doctor in the making! You better have your stick ready when I see you again roommate! RIP Steve!

2ndLt Charles W. F. Warner, USMC Class of 1966

Lt Chuck Warner became a resolute Marine, serving his country in Vietnam, where he gave all! He was my roommate the last 2 years, I think of him EVERY

Paul Cappelino Class of 1977

A great classmate and friend to all. He’s missed.

USNA Veterans Class of 1960

To all who served loyally and faithfully in the several branches of the military.. Thank you and God bless you all.

Capt. Ray Benedict Class of 1989

A great friend, stalwart classmate, and true leader. Thanks for all you did and sacrificed.

Tyson Clark

Stanford '01 grad, submariner, and honorary member of USNA 2001.

Bradley Craig Class of 2010

Loving son, brother, husband and daddy.

Adam Craig Class of 2007

Loving son, brother, and husband.

Tim Kinsella Class of 1996

CAPT Tim “Lucky” Kinsella - leads with an uncommon touch, a genuine affinity for people of all ranks, and a smile on his face.

John David Kurtz Class of 1996

CAPT Dave Kurtz has served 25+ years with a unique attention to sailor’s needs and common-sense leadership. Thank you for firing it up!

Aaron Dimmock Class of 1996

CDR Aaron Dimmock - the most positive graduate ever to leave Bancroft. 20 years of service, leadership and smiles.

Brian Masterson Class of 1996

CDR Brian Masterson loyally served his country in the P-3 community for 22 years. He is an icon of caring, positivity and leadership.

William Joseph Chauncey Captain,USMC Class of 2011

William Joseph Chauncey received the Rear Admiral Robert B. Erly class of 37 Honor Scholarship through the Naval Academy Foundation athletic Program.

Michael K. “Mickey” Andrews Class of 1962

Great Patriot and great brother. 1940-1996 R.I.P.

Chad L. Sweazey Class of 1994

LCDR Chad Sweazey, USN, Retired: a wonderful husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend. Thank you for your service to our country. Go NAVY!

CAPT Robert W.B. Stoddert, USN Class of 1965

A courageous Naval Career officer, serving as a Naval Pilot and Naval Intelligence Officer, dearly loved by his devoted wife and 2 children.

Mark Guillory Class of 1991

Served his time honorably.

Eric J. Flannery Class of 1997

A fantastic brother and uncle who supports fellow veterans. An entrepreneur anchored to his neighborhood and community.

Yerodin "Dean" Mack Class of 1999

For all who sacrificed for something greater than themselves and for the good of the country.

Christopher Mark Vincent Class of 2021

At a young age Christopher knew that he wanted to attend a military academy. USNA made that dream come true. Christopher's service select is Naval A

Martin (Marty) Deafenbaugh Class of 1973

9th CO mate/cabinmate and mentor on USS Fairfax County(LST-1193)/Navy Orthopedic Surgeon/Successful in Private Practice/My Forever Friend

Chris Perrien Class of 1974

Decades of service building the NC Triangle Alumni Chapter. The chapter thrives because of your love, time and leadership. A BIG thank you !!

Rob Pinataro Class of 1987

Thank you for your dedicated service as our class Shipmate columnist and communicator. A super job keeping us informed !!

Jim Matheson Class of 1987

Thank you for your many years of service to our class as our President. Your steadfast leadership continues to bond us as a group - 87 ROCKS !!

Michael LeFever Class of 1976

A 30+ year Navy veteran with service in Grenada, OIF, and OEF to include time in Pakistan.

John Chehansky Class of 1967

John "Smoke" Chehansky is '67s outstanding Blue Angel pilot and represents USNA, the Blue Angels and class of '67 with class and dignity.

Richard P Naple Class of 1971

Rich entered the Naval Academy after graduating from Bishop Scully High School in Amsterdam, N.Y. He and his company mates keep the USNA “Magic” alive

Mike Fazzio Class of 1985

My son who served as a Naval Surface Warfare Officer and has demonstrated his leadership skills throught his Naval and Civilian Careers.

Dallas M Covington Class of 1996

Surface Warfare Officer who served in USS Normandy, USS Samuel B Roberts and Fleet Combat Training Command.

Andy Froistad Class of 2004

The epitome of a Sailor, Leader, Friend who showcased the perfect balance of humor, humility, compassion and drive. Honor to serve alongside.

Robert G. Acosta Class of 1986

Rob lives every day of his life upholding the oath he took as an officer of the US Marine Corps. He is a patriot, loving husband, and father.

Katelyn George Class of 2012

LT. Katelyn George is from Loveland, Ohio and played soccer for the Naval Academy. She has chosen to serve as a Surface Warfare Officer (SWO).

William H. Dorriety, II Class of 2013

Lt. William H. Dorriety, II is currently serving The United States of America Navy in Kings Bay, Georgia. He is the Navigation Officer for the USS Wy

John A. Holt 111 Class of 1957

John was a career Submariner having used a verity of skills in an AKA, diesel boat and nuclear sub. He retired with the rank of Cmdr.

Ltjg Paul Cappelino Class of 1977

Paul was a great husband, friend, and brother. We all miss his infectious smile, humor, easy-going nature and joyful personality. GBU Paul!

William Chapman Stutt Class of 1949

Bill is a true Patriot, a loving husband, father, and grandfather devoted to his wife Carolyn, their 5 children, their spouses and 12 grandchildren.



1st Lt. Ronnie Winchester, USMC, KIA Class of 2001

Son. Brother. Teammate. Classmate. Marine. Hero.

CDR Gene Gygax USN Ret Class of 1976

Gene had only one speed: Full speed ahead. A spirited aviator who proudly served as an NFO flying in the F-14 Tomcat, Gene made friends with all he m

Roy Wiegand Class of 1973

Roy‘Skip’ Wiegand’s son Major Matt Wiegand gave his life in the service of his country.

John Von Gohren Class of 1979

Took tremendous pride iin being a USNA grad! Outstanding aviator, husband, father, and friend. I had the honor of serving with John in our first sqo

Peter Gness Class of 1965

He postponed his nuclear submarine service so that he could participate in Vietnam aboard a diesel submarine. He has been a loyal supporter of all.

Matthew J. Graham Class of 2010

Persistent -proactive-dedicated -always moving forward-educated-lifelong learner-never quits -a leader- a teammate-

C. Robert Perry Jr. Class of 1981

Son, Husband and father to 5 great sons who all, including Bob, served and are serving their country in the Armed Forces.

Matthew Graham Class of 2010

Persistent -proactive-dedicated -always moving forward-educated-lifelong learner-never quits -a leader- a teammate-

Shelby Clark Class of 1954

Thank you for your service and 67 wonderful years and counting... Jennifer

Class of 1995 Class of 1995

Proud to serve with the best class that had the last real plebe year! Beat Army!

John H Cline Class of 1967

My "wife" of 3 years in the 36th Co. Passed too early.

Janell Peske Hanf Class of 2010

Marine Major. First class of Arabic Majors from USNA. Deployed with Cultural Support Team in 2012 to Afghanistan

John G Peske Class of 1972

Surface Warfare Officer and Communications Officer during the Vietnam War

Captain Brian Michael Smith Class of 1991

Brian was a loving son, husband and father. He is greatly missed and will always be remembered in our hearts!!

Thomas A. Schaefer Class of 1984

Tom was an academic and athletic standout in 12th Co. N* letterman and Captain of the Lightweight Crew Team ‘83-‘84. Served 10 years after USNA.

Ethan Rafael Panal

Nothing more rewarding than serving your country. Thank you!

B Jeanne Bolen

CPL USMC 1955-1957 Love you Mom. RIP Marine

LCDR. Hillis Hume, USN Class of 1945

LCDR Hume was Navy all American full back, became Navy pilot, was in battle of Guadalcanal, flew hurricane hunters and presidents after war.

Thomas R Pearson Class of 1942

An honorable man; devoted to his faith, his family and his country. My father, my hero.

Robert J. Burger Class of 1986

Through both the rough seas and calm waters of life, I will always honor my steadfast fellow veteran and life partner ... '86, '16, '19

John Hopper Class of 1995

Honor, integrity, commitment, and love for God, family, and country are what he lives every day.

Col Art Athens, USMCR (Ret.) Class of 1978

Perhaps the most impressive person, veteran or otherwise, that I have had the privilege to meet and work with. Semper Fi.

Eric and Kaila Oliver Class of 1989

Thank you for your valuable service to this country. You are both very intelligent individuals that could do so many other things with your talents.

Charlton Evans Class of 1994

The best husband in the world, super dad, and true Marine. Semper fi.

Captain Robert Gradel Class of 1953

Naval Aviator Bob Gradel grew up in NYC, graduated Brooklyn Tech and later USNA in 1953. Married Nurse Corps LT Dorothy Briscoe. Served 1949-1981.

Connor Fernan Class of 1983

Twin brother USMA grad. I was 1983 USNA. 30 year COL - tour in Afghanistan. Always a winner in the house at Army-Navy!

John Semcken Class of 1978

I want to thank all Naval Academy Graduates, Veterans, but especially the great class of 78 for their service to our great Nation.

Michael J. Foley Class of 1989

Deceased roommate from Class of 1983. 30 yr Marine Col. Generous with his time and talents. Passed away in 2018 - a true friend.

Steven D. Herning Class of 1979

An amazing, compassionate man taken from us far to soon. Thank you for your sacrifice and rest easy.

Frank A. Spangenberg, III Class of 1964

Spent 30 years in Nuclear Submarine Service(11Active, 19 Reserves). Retired CAPT, USNR

Brett Buckner (Bucky) Barrett Class of 2011

A veteran that loves his country and continues to serve.

Doug Peterson Class of 1964

A proud American that served his country well.

Captain Marshall H Austin, USN Class of 1935

WWII Veteran Submarine skipper during the toughest part. Awarded the Navy Cross. A good leader and father to all of our family.

John D. Freeman Class of 2008

Thank you to you, and all your 2008 classmates, for your service to our country. You entered the Navy during difficult times and persevered to serve.

Harry E. Yeiser III (Rusty) Class of 1974

The consummate Midshipman and Naval Officer, as well as a loving husband and devoted father. A hero - my hero - in every sense of the word.

Kristi Coonfare Bickel Class of 2007

Kristi we can never find the perfect words to share with you on how proud we are for you choosing to serve to our country. Thank you!

William A. Walsh Class of 1974

Thank you for your years of leadership and mentorship in and out of uniform. The epitome of a Naval Officer and shipmate!

LTJG Gregory Sibick Class of 2019

Dear Gregory, Thank you for your perseverance and accomplishments in the short time since you have left USNA.

William L Richards Class of 1977

Ship Captain, Husband, Father, Grandfather. American.

Capt Brian T. Kennedy, USMC Class of 2007

Capt Kennedy lost his life, along with 11 other Marines, in a tragic helicopter crash off the coast of Oahu in January 2016. Semper Fidelis.

CAPT Kevin McCook Class of 1966

Supply Corps and Vietnam veteran who passed along the ideals of a USNA officer and gentleman to his sons, and the grandchildren he had yet to meet

Jack Womack Class of 1967

BlackJack, thank you for your service and dedication to our country.

Everett Gaston Class of 1968

25 years of active and reserve duty was his way of saying "I Love My Country"!!

Paul Edward Sullivan Class of 1974

A distinguished retired 3-star Admiral, who continues to serve our country today in the advancement of the Silent Service. BZ Sully!

Major Douglas A. Zembiec USMC Class of 1995

KIA 5/11/2007

Chad Hixson Class of 1994

Great dad, vet, pilot.

David M Yorck Class of 2005

David M Yorck USNA 2005 is a first generation American born in California, His father fled NSDAP Deutschland and his Mother fled Persia in 1978.

CDR Leonard F. Vogt, Jr Class of 1949

Warrior, Leader, A-6 Intruder Pilot, Dad to 4. CO, VA 75 Sunday Punchers. KIA leading night strike, NVN, 18 Sep 65. My wingman on dark nights.

Katie, Kyle and Evan Christman

Thank you Kyle (2006), Katy (2008) and Evan (2012) for your continued service to our country. Your service and character makes this country great!

John Bruzza Class of 1997

Proud of our first born son, great person, great brother, great husband and father with a heart of gold. Our favorite Marine. Semper Fi

Kevin J Quinn Class of 1989

thank you for your dedication to liberty and family.

VADM Forrest Silas Petersen Class of 1945

Over 40 years of service to his country.

Lt. Julia Foust Class of 2017

We are forever grateful for your service and your commitment. We love you to the moon and back. Love, Your Family & Friends.

Ken Allen Class of 1948

His performance as enlisted PBY airman at Pearl Harbor and Midway earned him entry to USNA. Like others, he kept these heroics to himself for decades.

Class of 1989

.God bless you

John Richard Midgett Class of 1973

As your brother I want to thank you for your service and following dad (Joe Lowery Midgett, Class of 1945) and I ( Chris Midgett, Class of 1971)

Antone Aku Class of 2021

Patriot, warrior, Navy SEAL. He loves this country and would fight again for our freedoms.

Capt. R. Boe James Class of 1972

Darin Pontell Class of 1998

Honoring the memory of Darin and his brother Steve Pontell (’88). Darrin was killed on 9/11 at the Pentagon. Steve perished during flight training.

Mike Stapleton Class of 1995

Mike served his country with dignity and respect

Zack Gawboy Class of 2016

Thanks for continuing the Silent Service for another generation of our family!

Phillip Kim Class of 2001

Robbie Gawboy Class of 2010

Thanks for leading the “Call to Service” for the next generation of our family!

Dave Allard Class of 1958

Dave served with honor during Vietnam. His life was a testament to all the things we learned at the Academy. May he rest in peace.

CDR Joseph Christopher Glutting Class of 1968

Vietnam Riverine Patrol Veteran, and KILO Co. '83, and OSCAR Co. Color Company Officer.

Class of 1971

On 50th reunion year.......honoring all who served and sacrificed. DUCES VIRUM!

Steve Pontell Class of 1988

Honoring the memories of Steve Pontell (’88) and his brother Darin Pontell (’98). Steve perished during flight training. Darrin was killed on 9/11.

Raymond John Curtis Class of 2021

Colonel Ray Curtis served for 30 years in the US Air Force. A leader of leaders, he was beloved of the troops at every base where he commanded.

Winston Rorabaugh Class of 1970

Active duty USMC: Jun 1970 - Oct 1978. Only Class ‘70 member to fly AV-8A Harriers in operations in CONUS and WESTPAC for nearly five years.

Ronald C.Witt Class of 1966

Ron served his country well both on active duty and in public life. He will long be remembered by those who knew him.

Jon Chunn Class of 2006

Marine Aviator and patriot Jonathan Chunn is a solemn reminder that we drink from wells we did not dig and are warmed by fires we did not light.

Landon Jones Class of 2001

Wise, patient and loving Husband, Father and Officer. He was the best of us and taken by the sea from us far before his time. We miss you brother.

Andie O'Sullivan Class of 2019

We are so proud of you!!!

Jeffrey Lee Class of 1977

Thank you for your service! My dad is a USNA grad, class of 1977. He service selected submarines and served on the USS GATO out of Groton, CT.

Will Fitchman Class of 1971

An ideal midshipman and classmate. He was also a great submarine commander and public school teacher. May he rest in peace.

Nunzio J Canalichio

I’d like to honor my father who served as a corpsman in the navy. He inspired me to attend the Naval Academy and to live a life to the fullest.

Capt Justin Gonnelli USMC Class of 2010

Thank you. I am proud to have such a wonderful son and patriot!

Lt Col Ed Hanley

Honoring my father who planted the seed in my head to come to the Academy. He served honorably for 26 years as a B-52 pilot and Vietnam Veteran. ❤️

J. J. Hogan Class of 1963

Captain JJ was an excellent Commanding Officer and husband and father and friend to all he met.

Charisse Villareal Class of 2016

Happy veterans day Dr. Charisse Villareal

LT Bret Miller Class of 2001

Thank you for your service and sacrifice. God Bless you and your family.

John L. Phelan Class of 2005

Thank you for your service, dedication, and loyalty.

Harry Bennett Class of 1968

A West Point Graduate and Vietnam Veteran; Thank you for your loyal and unwavering service to our country

Ron Meyer Class of 1965

One of my best buddies at USNA and the perfect specimen to become the outstanding Marine that he was. Perished serving our country in Viet Nam in 1966


Garwood W. Bacon Class of 1968

Oldest brother, Guggenheim scholar, Masters in Aerospace engineering Princeton, A-6 Intruder pilot of the year VA-35, killed in midair collision 1975

William Story Class of 1962

Thank you for being a great friend and mentor!

Frank C. CHACE Class of 1953

Semper fidelis, Old Friend…

Robert E Kirby

Thanks Daddy for always inspiring me!

Dr. Heywood Haser Class of 1972

Thank you Woody, for your service as a front line surgeon, during the Vietnam War

VADM Chip & Ellen Miller III Class of 1981

Selflessly served our country, Navy, and in particular, Naval Aviation for nearly 40 years. It was an honor & privilege to have worked alongside you!

CDR Bob Hill, USN (Ret) Class of 1941

Mentor, role model, inspiration to many and my father. Pearl Harbor survivor and destroyer skipper during the Korean War. Interred in Arlington.

Charles Arnold Class of 1942

WWll Veteran....Thank you Dad for your service

Robert B. Kelly Class of 1935

CAPT, USN. "Expendable" during WWII. Navy Cross, Army DSC, Silver Star and Purple Heart. RIP.

Bill Miller Class of 1972

An outstanding midshipman who left us far too soon…

John F. Driscoll, Jr Class of 1944

CAPT, USN. Recce pilot during Korean War and Viet Nam, initial CO of Fleet Electronic Warfare Group.

Norm Rantz Class of 1982

Harry Rantz LIC, USN, served from 1945-1975. Proud Navy veteran, and adored father and husband. Passed away in 2001. Always in our hearts!

Stu Cvrk Class of 1974

CAPT Cvrk is a patriot who does a yeoman's work in connecting USNA classmates regarding issues that concern national security professionals.

Kevin, Shannon, Kylie, Len and Larry Class of 1989

5 special people in my life who are veterans. My dad, my father in law and my husband as well as my 2 amazing daughters serving on active duty now!

CPT Gregory Dalessio, USA

Greg gave his life for his country while serving in Baghdad in 2008. He was a beloved friend to several of us in the class of 2001.

Joseph P Buss Sr Class of 1961

Plankowner, CV(A)N-65 USS Enterprise and was aboard her during de-activation ceremony… Proud American, consummate Navy-faithful and even better father

Dan Higan Class of 1970

Dan was a fighter and a good friend to all of us.

Gordon Jones Class of 1970

Vietnam combat veteran 1970-74, went on to become a research scientist, educator, and consultant to corporations and governments in 16 countries.

Troy Thompson II Class of 2017

Thank you for your service and continued focus to lead and build great men & women who serve this country! You Mom & Dad are proud of you!

Tom Bricken Class of 1970

Tom was one of the most loved members of our company at USNA. He always made himself available to support us.

Diana Galdieri Class of 2005

Diana epitomizes the Navy core values and lives with a humility, selflessness, and integrity that represents USNA to the fullest. Beat Army!

Mark Obradovich Class of 2006

Jason '93, Eric '95, Ryan '99,Jared '03 Jakubowski

Jason is a Gold Star & missed terribly. Four great sons.

Jack Shoop Class of 1968

He gave his life on a hill in Viet Nam for his company mates and country.

Robert Droppa Class of 1977

New Jersey's loss was the Navy's gain! His warm humor was a gift to all who "struggled" to graduate. Thanks B-Bro!

Joseph Fitzpatrick Class of 1951

Capt Joe played bball and lax at Navy. He went on to skipper two ballistic submarines during the cold War. He fathered 9 children and 24 grandkids.

Roger Henderson Class of 1969

Served 7 years in the Navy.

Richard Teater Class of 1970

Dick was an integral part of our company at USNA.

Bruce H. Needham Class of 1968

Dedicated Patriot, Husband and Father

Robert Olen Aller Class of 1953

Thanks for being the consummate role model and teaching me that it is best to take the high road and do the right thing.

George "Bear" Sprung Class of 1977

The "Bear" came from Bonner Springs, KS and brought with him the joy and life that only a few Midshipmen could give his company mates.

Riley A. Bartlett Class of 2016

First “boat” to enter Persian Gulf

Roy B. Class of 1994

Thank you for your service.

Anthony Ramirez Class of 1996

Happy Veterans Day to all those who have worn the uniform, past and present, 2 years or 30.

Bob Conger Class of 1969

Great contributions to the Class of 1969 and to the Naval Service for his work with the Seals in Vietnam.

CMD Grant H. Regelin Class of 2006

Thank you for your continued service and the sacrifices that you and your family have made with multiple deployments, moves, and special assignments.

Mike Bolen Class of 1981

Semper Fi to my parents who both proudly served in the USMC during the Korea campaign. RIP Marines. I love you and miss you both.

Jessica Shapiro Class of 2012

My daughter Jessica a graduate of class 2012 and now an EDO. She is smart, intelligent, dedicated and committed to the mission of the Navy

Kerry Ingalls Class of 1983

Thank you Kerry! From Lance and Jill

Alan Baker Class of 1978

RDML/BG Baker was a 10th Company Midshipmen from a class that produced many Flag officers. Thank you for your service as a line officer and Chaplain!

John E. McDermott Class of 1963

Retired as a CDR in the Supply Corps. Served afloat in USS Walton (DE 361) anf USS Henry L. Stimson (SSBN 655 Blue). Currently resides in Sunset Beach

Rob Taylor Class of 1968

Superb athlete, roommate, best friend. Navy football #87 wide receiver and honorable All American. Distinguished Aviator. Gone but not forgotten.

All USNA Veterans

In recognition for those who served from the Coffey Family.

USNA Class of 2010


Thomas Purdy Class of 1976

RIP USNA Class of '76 28th Company classmates that have passed: Mark Gontkovic, Rich Eisloeffel, Reed Jarvi, Dave Markham, and Sylvan (Van) Sewell.

Jason Lavarias Class of 1998

Thanks for everything, Jason.

Valesha A. Watson Class of 2021

Continue to be the great person and leader that you are. Thank you for your service and make the change for a better World

CAPT. Neil T. Kinnear III USNR (Ret.) Class of 1971

Neil was a hero and loved by all. Although he left in 2001 after a battle with cancer, his spirit endures. Happy Veteran's Day Old Man! We miss you!

Keith Masterson Class of 1988

For 1 whole year surviving the Thundering Herd of 33rd, 3 years of bliss in Sweet Sixteen, and 6 years slipping the surly bonds of earth on gold wings

Fred Larrew Class of 1953

My father, who enlisted in the Marines before becoming a midshipman, and graduated in 1953.

Bradford Bonney Class of 2005

Thank you for your service as a submarine officer.

Lt. Ronald D.Winchester USMC Class of 2001

Deeply missed by so many. A proud Marine who loved his county. God bless you.

Joseph F. Monahan Class of 1970

My brother, son of enlisted Marines who served in WWII, one in the Solomons Campaign, enlisted at the height of the Vietnam conflict.

Gregory Simmons Class of 1988

Surface Warfare Officer, Veteran Desert Shield and Desert Storm, USS NASSAU (LHA-4) and Operation Infinite Reach, ABRAHAM LINCOLN STRIKE GROUP

USNA Class of '87 Class of 1987

My thanks to all in the '87 family for your service and friendship.

Gordon Schaaf Class of 1958

Associated with the United States Navy for 18 years, in the NROTC, he United States Naval Academy, and the flying Navy.

John Q Adams Class of 1994

An "Old Soul" of a man since we first arrived at Mother B in 1990. A gentleman, scholar, and fine Officer. He will be missed.

Abigail Meyers Class of 2001

Best wife and mom there is. Happy Veteran’s Day!

John Lowell Class of 1995

LT John Lowell '95, is a fantastic leader, mentor, and caring officer. He served in Anzio as 1st LT and Nashville as Navigator.

CAPT Stacy Yopp Class of 1994

A good man and great officer. A gentle giant. He will be missed.

David L. Smith, MD Class of 1973

An eye surgeon and physician of extraordinary character, commitment and understanding.

Ben Koenig Class of 1989

Great servant leader, in military service, business and philanthropy. He epitomizes what USNA grads should add to the world.

Lt. Cmdr. John Underhill Class of 2010

David Underhill Class of 2007