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Admiral Gene Fluckey

by Bob "Fuzzy" Knight, '53

In  1961,  Admiral Fluckey was ComPhibGru 4 and was given additional duty as Deputy ComSolant and brought part of his staff aboard USS Spiegel Grove LSD 32 for a good will cruise to Africa. It was called Solant Amity. When he went ashore to an official function in his dress whites with his Medal of Honor around his neck, with his red hair, he was quite impressive. 

I was chief engineer of Spiegel Grove. We had a young red haired ensign aboard who, in the dark, looked very much like the Admiral.

One night, I was the OOD and Ensign Upson was my JOOD.  I went into the pilot house to look at the radar repeater. Standing over it was this red haired slender fellow.  I said, "Hey Red move over so I can look at the radar."  I thought it was the ensign.  The Admiral moved over just as I realized my mistake.  I started to apologize but he just roared with laughter.