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By Harry M. Euler '39 (Deceased)
Provided by his late wife, Barbara C. Euler, ex-WAC Captain, USAF

In 1944, on my return from sea duty and assignment to ferry duty at Great Lakes, I spent leave with my wife at Dayton, Ohio. Barbara was a WAC captain in the Air Force and commanding officer for all the WACs stationed at Wright Field. While I was there we were staying in Barbara’s apartment in town.

The WAC Detachment consisted of four platoons, each commanded by a WAC lieutenant. In the course of the first few days, I had become acquainted with this lovely group of young WAC officers.

One morning as Barbara left for work, she told me she would be late tonight because the colonel was going to inspect the troops after working hours. We agreed that I would meet her at the field and we would have dinner at the officers’ club.

Upon my arrival at her office, Barbara’s chin was close to her desk. She told me the troops were ready for inspection but that the colonel had just phoned that he was not going to be able to make it.

I, in jest, volunteered to be his substitute, and the offer was readily accepted! My instructions were to check for proper ties and straight seams on the stockings. As we approached each platoon leader, I was greeted with a snappy salute and a sly wink. To keep my military decorum, I proceeded briskly up and down the beautifully-groomed lines.

I have often wondered how many naval officers ever had the chance to inspect 400 charming WACs.