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Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

The Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership, established in 1998 and renamed to honor Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale ’47, USN (Ret.), in February 2006, is a valuable resource for the Naval Academy and its students that aims to empower leaders to make courageous ethical decisions. The Center had a highly successful year in 2019-2020, continuing to advance its mission to produce leaders of uncompromising character and develop innovative products to strengthen the learning process on and off the Yard. Due to COVID-19, the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership was unable to host the McCain Conference and several other on-site events. However, the 2019-2020 was still one of the most productive years for the Center.

Some highlights included:

•  The Influence the Influencer Initiative – this program strengthens the capabilities and confidence of USNA faculty, coaches, and staff through a variety of leadership opportunities across the country. The Stockdale Center impacted more than 100 key influencers through 12 different experiential leadership events throughout this year.
•  The Return with Honor film project utilized midshipmen, faculty and staff who viewed and discussed 80 hours of documentary-quality A- and B-roll interviews of Vietnam Prisoners of War (1964-1973). Lessons covered resilience and post-traumatic growth that can serve as inspirations for excellence and ethical leadership. The Center has determined that the most comprehensive and accessible format to present these essential lessons is through a series of short interactive videos for use in classroom and seminar settings, along with one full-length feature documentary film.
•  In Fall 2019, the Stockdale Center graduated its inaugural class of Associate Fellows. This program is an internal leadership development program tailored for faculty, coaches and staff. It combines online leadership and ethical decision-making content, subject matter experts, unique experiential leadership opportunities and cohort group projects.
•  The Center's Resident Fellows and the Director of Strategy and Research Dr. Ed Barrett played key roles in the development of a “pilot” version of the core ethics course. The team audited both versions of the course, taught the pilot version, participated in weekly faculty discussions and debriefed the course director and curriculum committee with final recommendations.

For more information and regular updates from the Center, see their website here.

For the complete narrative, please review the 2019-20 Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership Stewardship Report