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Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

The Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership, established in 1998 and renamed to honor Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale ’47, USN (Ret.), in February 2006, is a valuable resource for the Naval Academy and its students that aims to empower leaders to make courageous ethical decisions. The Center had a highly successful year in 2018-2019, continuing to advance its mission to produce leaders of uncompromising character and develop innovative products to strengthen the learning process on and off the Yard. This past academic year the Center hosted a number of conferences, competitions and research opportunities. Some highlights included:

•  The Influence the Influencer Initiative – this program strengthens the capabilities and confidence of USNA faculty, coaches, and staff through a variety of leadership opportunities across the country.
•  The 2019 McCain Conference focused on two topics central to a warfighter’s ability to act ethically and lead effectively: moral virtue and moral injury. It was the 19th annual McCain Conference, and saw the highest attendance in the event’s history.
•  Midshipmen opportunities – in 2018-2019 midshipmen excelled on the Ethics Debate Team, attended the American Service Academy Program 16-day educational initiative in Poland, performed research on the ALLIES Civil Military Relations Research Trip to India and attended the annual Law of Armed Conflict Competition (LOAC) in San Remo, Italy.

Moving forward, the Stockdale Center plans to increase its research and leadership opportunities, refine its educational programs, and expand to new physical locations to accommodate a growing number of opportunities.

For more information and regular updates from the Center, see their website here.