Why Give?

Project-Based Learning

Traditionally held each spring, Capstone Day offers midshipmen the chance to present their project-based learning research to their peers and the Naval Academy community.  Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Naval Academy had to cancel the annual Capstone Day. Although the 1/C midshipmen were not able to share the excitement of Capstone Day in person, the teams coordinated web-presentations through their academic departments.

This year’s graduating class featured 278 multidisciplinary projects ranging from the isolation of novel arctic and temperate marine psychrophiles to microfabrication of microrobots using additive manufacturing methods.

The Capstone Day 2020 Brochure and the Capstone Day homepage offer detailed descriptions on the diverse projects and programs that utilize project-based learning.

As the Naval Academy’s annual federal appropriation does not fund the entire range of Project-Based Learning activities necessary to achieve these goals, the generosity of donors provides a vital margin of excellence.

For the complete narrative, please review the 2019-2020 Project-Based Learning Stewardship Report