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Center for Cyber Security Studies

The Center for Cyber Security Studies (CCSS) continues to be among the Academy’s leading strategic priorities as it prepares midshipmen for the constantly evolving technical landscape of the 21st century. The Center’s mission is to enhance education in all areas of cyber warfare, creating opportunities to share cyber expertise and perspective and increasing interdisciplinary research at the United States Naval Academy. In October 2020, USNA received the prestigious National Security Agency (NSA) Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations (CAE-CO) designation for its B.S. in Cyber Operations program. The NSA CAE-CO designation is given to programs with deeply technical, interdisciplinary curricula meeting comprehensive and rigorous approval criteria. CCSS is the 14th undergraduate program and 22nd school overall to hold the designation nationwide.

In the 2019-2020 academic year:

•  The graduating Class of 2020 had the largest number of Cyber Operations majors to date, with 67 successfully completing the complex, interdisciplinary program.
•  The Cyber Operations major continues to be one of the most sought-after majors, currently ranking third among the Brigade of Midshipmen.
•  Thanks to the flexibility presented through private philanthropy, Cyber Operations majors were still able to execute in-person summer training for 34 midshipmen at the National Security Agency, Marine Forces Cyber Command and Fleet Cyber Command.
•  Hopper Hall construction is finally complete. The building opened for operations in July 2020, bringing the dynamic multidisciplinary vision to fruition. Hopper Hall, named after Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, is the hub of all Naval Academy cyber courses and research.

For the complete narrative, please review the 2019-20 The Center for Cyber Security Studies Stewardship Report