Why Give?

USNA Alumni Association and Foundation Center

A key imperative of Naval Academy Strategic Plan 2020 focused on the outreach by the Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation (USNAAF). By creating strong and growing relationships with individuals and organizations, USNAAF can contribute to the Academy’s future through philanthropy and engagement.

The Alumni Association and Foundation Center will offer premier facilities for Naval Academy alumni, parents and friends. The Center will provide the Naval Academy community a physical space in which to celebrate and commemorate alumni success and leadership in civilian life in addition to military achievements. This will be the first and only building on or around the Yard that recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of the entire Naval Academy alumni body. The Center will include displays and memorabilia that celebrate our military as well as civilian success and it will serve as a living memorial to all that alumni have achieved individually and collectively. The new building will allow us to tell our story of providing extraordinary leadership in the military, government, corporate America and civic engagement.

The value of the new Center to the Naval Academy’s alumni, parent and friend community is significant, including the following key points as examples:

•  Class reunions will move to the Center in addition to other mission-oriented programs and events such as the Distinguished Graduate Award Dinner, the Honor Our Fallen Heroes Reception, the Parent Club Officer Conference, the spring Battalion Receptions for 1/C midshipmen and Shared Interest Group meetings and events. Thousands of constituents will enjoy the Center’s functional and attractive campus and facilities annually for the events noted above as well as weddings, memorial receptions and corporate meetings.
•  By enhancing a key gateway to the City of Annapolis, the Center will offer an opportunity to improve relationships among the Alumni Association and Foundation, the City of Annapolis and the Academy.
•  The completed Center will also stand as an enduring example of the impact of Called to Serve, Daring to Lead: The Naval Academy Campaign, the historic fundraising effort in support of the Academy that celebrated completion in June 2021.

Please read about the updates from this past year and learn about ways to support this initiative as a plankowner, who will be recognized in perpetuity: United States Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation Center.

For a complete narrative, please review the 2020-2021 U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation Center Impact Report.