Why Give?

Admissions Excellence

In support of the Naval Academy’s mission to graduate morally, mentally and physically exceptional leaders, the USNA Office of Admissions conducts a wide range of marketing, education, and outreach programs each year, designed to connect with high school students and their families, guidance counselors and community leaders, congressional offices, volunteers and more. Along with annual admissions summer events, these programs ensure a pipeline of promising potential applicants, with a particular focus on the recruitment of candidates interested in the STEM disciplines. The Fund for Admissions Excellence supports the Naval Academy Admissions initiatives and outreach:

• In July 2020, 900 rising 9th-11th graders were invited to attend Summer STEM Virtual Design Competition camps created as an alternative to the traditional Summer STEM Program due to COVID-19 restrictions. Design challenges included cyber science, aerospace engineering and computer programming competitions.

• The Class of 2024 included:

• 364 women (30%) and a total of 424 minority midshipmen (35%).
• Midshipmen from every state, as well as the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico
• 15 international students
• 52 sons and 21 daughters of Naval Academy alumni. Six members of the entering class have both parents who are alumni of the Naval Academy.
• 337 (28%) from college and post high school preparatory programs, which include 198 from Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) in Newport, RI, 46 from the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation Program/Civilian Prep Program, 82 students who completed at least six months of study at a college or university and 11 from a post-secondary prep school
• 80 former enlisted