Why Give?

Admissions Excellence

In support of the Naval Academy’s mission to graduate morally, mentally and physically exceptional leaders, the USNA Office of Admissions conducts a wide range of marketing, education, and outreach programs each year, designed to connect with high school students and their families, guidance counselors and community leaders, congressional offices, volunteers and more. Along with annual admissions summer events, these programs ensure a pipeline of promising potential applicants, with a particular focus on the recruitment of candidates interested in the STEM disciplines. The Fund for Admissions Excellence heavily supports the Academy’s outreach efforts, leading to a 64% increase in the number of fully qualified applicants over the last 10 years.

In the most recent academic year:

•  2,551 rising high school seniors attended the annual Summer Seminar, participating in academic sessions, admissions briefings, and a physical education program similar to plebe summer
•  838 9-11th graders participated in the residential Summer STEM program in 2019; the program has grown to reach a total of 6,682 student attendees, many of whom (444 since the program’s inception) go on to continue their education at the Naval Academy and pursue STEM majors
•  With the highest acceptance rate of admission offers in the nation and in Academy history, incoming classes have broken plebe-year academic and physical fitness performance marks and contribute to the highest graduation rate and most diverse Brigade of Midshipmen in Academy history