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Midshipman Activities Fund

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The United States Naval Academy offers an environment designed for midshipmen to develop their leadership through extracurricular activities (ECAs), club sports, professional organizations and academic groups, both on and off the Yard. These activities have proven instrumental to the development of the Brigade. The Midshipman Activities Fund (MAF) is designed to provide funding for activities that would not otherwise exist at the individual, company or Brigade level.

The MAF functions in a similar manner to campus support organizations at civilian institutions, providing resources to student and recreational organizations that enhance the daily lives of the midshipmen. While most other universities have a dedicated philanthropic division focused on raising private funds in support of key initiatives such as these, the Naval Academy does not and therefore relies on the MAF to sustain these programs.
Each day, this fund has a direct, tangible impact on the Naval Academy experience for all midshipmen. MAF will continue to be a strategic area of need for the Superintendent and the Naval Academy, and we remain grateful for your acknowledgement of how it enhances the mission of the Naval Academy.

Highlights from the 20-2021 academic year include:

•  Midshipmen found ways to volunteer from a distance during the coronavirus pandemic. Between food collections, elder check-ins and youth development, the Brigade remained active in the community. Highlights of midshipman involvement in the community include the Boys and Girls Clubs in Chicago and the Lummi Nation Tribe in Washington State.
• While the traditional MAG spring break service trips did not occur this year, philanthropic funding supported other community relations events this past year, including e-books the MAG purchased and virtually read to local youth, as well as other virtual support elements that made community engagements possible.
•  Brigade Quality of Life support during the challenging COVID-19 environment included outdoor movie nights on Ingram Field and T-Court, outdoor concerts on Worden Field Fall 2020 (Pentatonix) and Spring 2021 (Pitbull & AJR), scavenger hunts throughout the Yard at various times during the year, virtual trivia nights, photo and snow sculpture competitions and the purchase of outdoor Yard games.
•  The USNA Music Department created more than 50 publicly released videos of midshipmen musical performances. More than 800,000 people have viewed the videos on a variety of social media platforms. Through the generosity of donors, USNA was able to purchase equipment, instruments and new technology to continue operations throughout the pandemic.

For a complete narrative, please review the 2020-2021 The Midshipman Activities Fund Stewardship Report.