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International Programs

Since 2005, over 4,500 midshipmen have participated in an intentional international experience. In the most recent academic year, the International Programs Office sent 330 midshipmen to 35 different countries around the world. The program types (for which summaries can be found online) include:

•  Semester Study Abroad Program
•  Language immersion programs
•  Cultural opportunities
•  Professional Training with Foreign Navies

International opportunities broaden students’ horizons, forcing them to step out of their comfort zones and allowing them different perspectives of the world they will enter as officers. Moving forward, IPO will continue to expand its opportunities for midshipmen through a number of growing programs:

•  Increasing partnerships with counterpart naval academies through semester exchange and participation in USNA midshipmen-led conferences and USNA summer professional programs
•  Partnering with the Naval Academy’s Center for Cyber Security Studies to develop summer study abroad programs providing experiential learning opportunities in cyber security in Australia, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom
•  Using established ties with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to engage in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts in the developing world

To stay up-to-date on latest news, visit the International Programs Office News.