Why Give?

Center for Academic Excellence

The Class of 1963 Center for Academic Excellence (CAE), endowed by J. Ronald Terwilliger ’63 and Classmates offers high quality academic support programs for all midshipmen seeking to improve their academic performance. Through a student-centered approach, the Center supports midshipmen to help them meet USNA’s high academic standards, encouraging them to become active participants in the learning process. Here are just a few highlights of another exciting year at CAE:

•  Record-breaking 50,602 total visits, an increase of 5,502 visits over 2017-2018
•  3,147 unique students (70.6% of the Brigade of Midshipmen) made at least one visit to the center, a record amount of unique visits
•  1,488 average visits per week

By continuing to tailor its academic support programs to the evolving needs of midshipmen and by maintaining the highest standards for quality, CAE has become synonymous with academic success among the Brigade. Donor contributions from individuals, classes and organizations maintain this margin of excellence and allow USNA’s future naval officers to thrive.