Why Give?

Class poster '63Class Giving

The generosity of our classes can readily be seen all around the Academy and woven into the curriculum, and on the playing field. Class projects and tributes have always been a very popular way to give back and leave a legacy, always for a specific initiative chosen from the Superintendent’s strategic priorities. Over the past 20 years, Class Giving has raised over 100 million dollars in support of various projects furthering the moral, mental and physical mission of the Academy.

Classes come together 5 years before their 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, and 50th reunions to collectively decide on what areas they want to support and then embark on a 5-year fundraising effort in support of the Academy.

Examples of Class Giving are plentiful on and off the Yard and include both brick and mortar support and programmatic / operational support. A few notable examples include The Class of 1963 Center for Academic Excellence Endowed by J. Ronald Terwilliger and Classmates, the class of 1965 Bill the Goat statue on the Yard and at NMCMS, the Navy-Marine Corp Memorial Stadium renovation supported by many classes from all decades, the class of 1973 Heinz Lenz Fellow for the Physical Mission, the class of 1977 Gettysburg Leadership Encounter, the class of 1981 Ethics Award Dinner, the class of 2012 7th Wing Gym and finally the 37 classes that in total raised almost 20M for our new Fluegel Hall Alumni Center.

To contribute to your class's current project and/or to volunteer your services on your class’s next fundraising reunion project, please contact your class president or call Dan Quattrini, ’81, Director of Class Legacy Giving, at 410-295-4167 or dan.quattrini@usna.com or Sara Brown, Class Giving Coordinator, at 410-295-4130 or sara.brown@usna.com.

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