Class History: 1949 

The history of the Class of 1949 is still in development. Nonetheless, members can recall its early beginnings and many things of subsequent years. A ’49 ABSTRACT was prepared by Gene Shine (deceased) in 1994 and rewritten for dissemination during the 50th Class of 1949 Reunion titled A 50TH YEAR PROFILE OF THE CLASS OF 1949, U. S. NAVAL ACADEMY, October 1999. For those unaware of its existence, a condensation is given herein. Attendees of the 50th Reunion should have a copy of the 20 plus page document. A copy is at 49 House along with a copy of LUCKY BAG, Nineteen Forty-Nine and other class memorabilia.

THE FIRST 50 YEARS (1945-1995)

Candidates for admission to the United States Naval Academy as members of the Class of 1949 began arriving in Annapolis June 11, 1945 and ended with the last checking in October 25, 1945. The appointee selection process many had already endured included competitive examinations, interviews, and some physical screening; some arrived with direct appointments and having passed the USNA Entrance Examination; and some arrived with direct appointments with their entrance examination waived by college certificate. All, reportedly 1345, had to successfully survive the admission process. (The 1345 number includes principal appointees and replacement alternate(s) should the principal fail his physical or change his mind.)

The admission process was a 3-day evolution. The first day scheduled required a physical examination following check-in at the Administration Building. Failing initial examination the candidate was rejected for entry or scheduled for reexamination. (Alternates at the Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS), at their homes, and elsewhere anxiously awaited failures of principal and alternates above them.) There were a number of failures.

The second day those successfully passing their physicals assembled for individual posture photographs. (None of the candidates failed this event; however, several "died of shame" when a roommate stole his photo and sent to girlfriends, inter alia.) The second event of that day was an explanatory talk by a member of the Executive Department and receipt of Executive Form No.41, Interpretation of Oath. It is unknown if any candidate changed his mind about entry at this point. The third event was receiving a room assignment, laundry number, and filling out forms incident to admission. Strangely, it was only following these events you were informed whether you passed your physical or not. If you were a member of the Navy you reported to the USS REINA MERCEDES for discharge.

The third day candidates made their entrance deposit, and if formerly in the military showed discharge papers. All requirements satisfied, candidates gathered in Memorial Hall for taking the Oath and being sworn in as Midshipman, U. S. Navy. Noteworthy is the fact that if the second day was a Friday former military personnel were "civilians" over weekends. The last event of the third day was reporting to the Fourth Class Battalion office to commence life as a Plebe. 

‘49ers Abstract

1. YOUNGEST MEMBERS (Requirement – Pass entrance exam and physical)

Sumner PARKER 3/24/28 William LALOR 3/05/28

Richard MERGL 3/16/28 William KING 2/25/28

William WENTWORTH 3/13/28 William MCFARLANE 2/11/28

Edward ZIMMERMAN 3/12/28 Thomas RINGWOOD 2/02/28

William BRYAN 3/05/28 John EKELUND 1/19/28

2. OLDEST MEMBERS (Requirement – Not older than 21 April 1st year of admission)

Barry WHITTLESEY 5/10/23 Joyce FRAZEE 4/14/24

Meredith NICHOLSON 4/01/24 Major MCCREIGHT 4/22/24

Joseph LOGOMASINI 4/06/24 Valerio DURONIO 4/24/24

Kenneth SCHIWECK 4/09/24 Merton FALLON 4/24/24

Stanley COOPER 4/12/24 Joseph LONERGAN 4/27/24


New Admissions (Includes 200 SECNAV USN/USMC, Presidential, and Congressional appointees.) 1,111

Former Midshipmen readmitted: 5

Turned back from Class of 1948: 26

Turned back from Class of 1947: 3

Class of 1947 "turnbacks" advanced to 48B: 3

Total Class of 1949 members: 1,142


The 200 SECNAV appointees included 10 Marines:


Kenneth BOTT Richard HOLZWARTH


Richard FRANCIS Lawrence O’CONNELL

Jacob HAMMER Richard WEST 3

Richard HOLZWARTH died on Christmas leave December 1945. Jacob HAMMER was a non-graduate. The remaining eight graduated with six returning with commissions to the USMC, Bill Bodager being commissioned in the Air Force and Frank BROWN opting for commissioning in the Navy.

Of the 190 SECNAV enlisted Navy appointees, approximately 131 graduated with all but one (medical discharge) being commissioned in the Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy. Six reached flag rank and 29 reached Captain in the Navy, and Colonel in the Air Force and Army.

Many Congressional appointees in the Navy exercised an option to transfer to the Naval Academy Preparatory School, NRTC Bainbridge, MD, or its overflow facilities at Camp Perry, VA, to prepare for the USNA entrance examination alongside SECNAV candidates for appointments. Congressional appointees in the other services could also receive this training by transferring into the Navy.


Carlos McCULLOUGH 10/25/1945


Paul LARIC (Yugoslavia)

Kenneth SCHIWECK (Germany)

Alexander THOMSON (Scotland)

7. SHORTEST (Minimum 5’ 6")

Robert WEAVER 5’ 5" (Stretching)

John HEMANN 5’ 5-3/4" (With knot)

8. TALLEST (Maximum 6’ 4")

John BARROW (Great basketball player)

John DIXON (Basketball center & football end)

a. Most Education:

The majority of ‘49ers had college backgrounds, many leaving college just before graduation to come to USNA. Only one completed college receiving a degree. Several completed sufficient college to become commissioned officers. 

Received degree:
Calvin C. NORMAN Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute BS, Chemical Engineering

Receiving commissions:

Jack CURRENCE Penn State V-12Ensign, USNR

William FULTON Cornell IA Ensign, USNR

William GOEWEY Union/Cornell Ensign, USNR

Milton GUSSOW Drew V-12/Columbia Reserve Mid'n School Ensign, USNR

Walter KRAUS North Carolina V-12 Ensign, USNR

Robert LAWLER Unknown2nd LT, Army Air Corps

Joseph LONERGAN Occidental /Notre Dame Reserve Mid'n School LTJG, USNR

Jack MAGEE Franklin Marshall V-12/Columbia Reserve Mid'n School Ensign, USNR

Carlos McCULLOUGH Oklahoma V-12Ensign, USNR

John McTAMMANY Brown V-12/Northwestern Reserve Mid'n School Ensign, USNR

Herman STROMBERG Harvard V-12Ensign, USNR

b. Least Education:

Eugene SHINE High school 2 years and 3 months


Raymond BEAN Torpedo man 1/CPT Boats (5 combat awards)

Karl BERNSTEIN Gunners mate 1/C

Kenneth BOTT Staff Sergeant Marine Corps

William COLLINS Sonar man 2/C

Kurt DORENKAMP Motor Machinist Mate 2/C

Wesley LINDSEY Quartermaster 1/C

Oscar OLSEN Aviation Radioman 2/C

Lee RAMSEY Aviation Radioman/Gunner DFC, NCM

Jay WALLACE Quartermaster 2/C Submarine combat


William RATLIFF Completed Plebe Year at West Point then entered USNA.


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