Welcome to the USNA Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP) protégé registration process. 

This is your first step in taking advantage of Alumni helping Alumni. 

Before you proceed, we ask that you view the AMP introduction video to learn more about the program and the expectations of a protégé. 


If, at the end of the video you remain committed to becoming an AMP protégé, please click on the following link and begin the registration process.

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Your username is the email address currently on file with Alumni association - (if you try to log on with an e-mail user name that is DIFFERENT from the one in your Alumni Association website profile, you will not be able to log in. Either go to your profile on the AA website to get the one on file and use it to log in or contact AMP@Alumni.usna.com) 

Your password for the initial log on is “usnaampmentoring” (all lower case).
You will be required to change this password before you can continue, so please record it for future access.

Welcome aboard!!      Class of 2016 Enrollment Deck (PDF)



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