The DGA Selection Panel

Class Name   Desig   Years*   Note
1968 ADM Michael G. Mullen, USN (Ret.)   Chair/SWO   2016-2018   Panel Chair
1981 VADM Ted Carter, USN   Supe/Aviator   2018-   USNA Supe
1978 Mr. Byron F. Marchant   AA CEO/SUB   2010-   AA CEO
1990 CAPT Karin Vernazza, USN   HR   2018-2020   AA Trustee
2000 Maj Murph McCarthy, USMC   USMC/Air   2018-2020   AA Trustee
1976 GEN John R. Allen, USMC (Ret.)   USMC   2017-2019   BOT Chair Appointee
1987 Mr. David Robinson Business/CEC    Business/CEC   2016-2018   BOT Chair Appointee
1967 ADM Richard W. Mies, USN (Ret.)   SUB   2017-2018   BOD Trustee
1977 ADM Samuel J. Locklear, USN (Ret.)   SWO   2017-2019   A&SP Trustee
1967 ADM Bob Natter, USN (Ret.)    Non-Voting    2014-2018   AA BOT Chair 

*Refers to year of DGA ceremony


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