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Run to HonorThe U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association Board of Trustees has established Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) as an enduring Alumni Association program designed to encourage members to continue and strengthen their connections to the Academy and their fellow alumni in the ways that are most meaningful to them. The Alumni Association and Foundation endorsed its first three SIGs in 2018: USNA Women, Run to Honor and the USNA Minority Association. These SIGs will be reviewed semiannually at the Fall and Spring Board meetings to monitor their progress and document their successes.

In 2022, we endorsed two more SIGs: The Naval Engineer & STEM Advocates (NESA) SIG, bringing together alumni and supporters of the USNA Alumni Association & Foundation focused on highlighting the urgent need for more young Americans to pursue STEM careers, and particularly as Naval Engineers and STEM advocates; and the USNA Pride SIG; read their charter here, reconnecting Naval Academy alumni who identify as LGBTQ+, and their Allies, with midshipmen who identify as LGBTQ+ and with other support networks and services. 

In 2023, we endorsed one more SIG: The USNA Finance Professionals SIG, encouraging active networking, mentoring, and support between USNA Alumni in finance and finance-adjacent spaces in roles across the globe; read their charter here. See their LinkedIn page here.

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SIG Handbook
SIG Annual Reporting Template - This will be the template for SIG Presidents to make their annual reports by 31 January the next calendar year.