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Lucky Bag of Books is a varied collection of fiction and non-fiction books, some written by alumni, some are about alumni and subjects of interest including children's books. Click on any of the books below which is an affiliate link provided by Amazon. When you make a purchase, a percentage of your order total comes back to us.

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by DogsofWar


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Books about USNA



Books for Children



Book Series by Jocelyn A. Fox '10



BOOK Series by Erin Beaty '00



Books by Steve Konkoly '93



Books by Rick Campbell '85



BOOK Series by Ward Carroll '82



Books by Michael DiMercurio '80



Books by ADM James Stavridis '76, USN (Ret.)



 Books by David Poyer '71



Books by Robert L. Hutchings '69



Books by Dick Couch '67



Books by P. J. Deutermann '63



Books by Stephen Duncan '63



Books by Franklyn E. Dailey Jr. '43



Books by Edward L. Beach Jr. '39



Tom Clancy Op-Center Series