Ship Reunions

COVID-19 NOTE: Please check in with each reunion group/coordinator to find out status of the event.

Ship reunion information is provided to us by the various associations/groups. To find out more about an upcoming ship reunion, please contact the appropriate contact for each reunion. If you have a reunion you would like to list - please email us or mail to: Ship Reunions, USNA Alumni Association, 247 King George Street, Annapolis, MD 21402.

Another resource for finding ship reunions can be found here.

USS McCandless (FF1084) 50th Anniversary - 15-18 September 2022

Location: Crowne Plaza Warwick Airport, in Warwick, RI. Contact John Capron by email, by ph: 914-419-9756.

USS Reasoner (FF 1063) - 15-18 September 2022

Location: San Diego, CA. Contact: Del Becker, by e-mail or visit the USS Reasoner website.

USS Wilhoite (DE/DER 397) - 21-24 September 2022

Location: The Stone Castle Hotel, 3050 Green Mountain Drive, Branson, MO; hotel ph: 417-335-4700. Contact Elisabeth Rider by email, by ph: 479-280-2776 or visit the USS Wilhoite website.

USS Voge (DE/FF-1047) - 28 September- 2 October 2022

Seeking any members of their Ship's company or Air Groups who served aboard the VOGE between 1966 and 1989. Location: Jacksonville, FL. Contact: Jan Harris by email or More information can be found on this website or the USS Voge Facebook group.

USS Anchorage (LSD 36) - October 2022

Final dates: TBD. Location: San Diego, CA. Contact Michael McGrath, by email, by ph: 619-750-6390. Visit the USS Anchorage website for updates and details when available.

USS Taylor (DD/DDE 468) - 2-6 October 2022

Location: Norfolk, VA. Contact James G. O'Neill by email, by ph: 804-212-8911

USS Alexander Hamilton - 4-9 October 2022

The Alexander Hamilton Reunion Committee announce the next crew reunion. Location: Greenbelt, MD.
Contact (emails): Dale Parker or David Kirkpatrick

USS Concord (AFS-5) - 25-30 October 2022

USS Concord AFS-5 will be holding its 7th biennial reunion. Location: Mobile, AL. Contact Sherry or Jessica at 719-380-1412 or email us. Visit our website at for more details.