2021 Memorial Day Virtual Poppy Wall in remembrance of those USNA alumni who were Killed in Action or an Operational Loss.




Steve Moreau 1980

An honored classmate and friend. Steve will always be remembered and never forgotten!

Thomas Holden 1964


Brandon Barrett 2006

Thank you for always being the Bull and showing us the way! Seller Fi.

2nd Lt Thomas J. Weiss, USMC 1967

KIA, Vietnam, May 1968. His death was a great loss to his family, friends, USNA, and the Marine Corps. Admired and greatly missed.

Geoff Shumway 1964

Best friend, roommate. Shot down on his third cruise to Vietnam in 1972 flying an A-7 off USS Coral Sea. He is missed, but never forgotten!

Jim Surch 1977

I remember Jim playing “hockey” in halls of 5-0 with Pete. Not sure how Surch ever found his way thru plebe summer, he was so laid back.

LT Caleb King 2012

13th Company Forever missed, forever remembered.

LT Rick Dempsey 1982

Great 21st Company Classmate, Surface/Air Option, SWO/NFO, lost in aviation training accident. You are missed by many Rick!

CDR Pete Oswald 1984

Great teammate, Navy Football O-Lineman, played in Rose Bowl Army-Navy Game N⭐️, SWO/SEAL, lost in SEAL training accident. Missed by Shipmates & NFB!

Marcus Pletcher 1991

A true gentleman.

LtCol David Green, USMC 1986

Killed in Iraq when ground fire hit the aircraft he was piloting in Anbar province in support of I Marine Expeditionary Force. Always Remember!

William Watkins 1989

tried to experience as much of life as he could. Dreamed of flying, sailing the ocean, performing and playing football. Missed!

Kylan Jones Huffman 1994

Friends forever

Maj Doug Zembiec, USMC 1995

He was a great inspiration, an absolute role model for every one of the Marines he served with.

SGT Steve Morin, ARNG 1997

Strong and mighty. We may not have many memories, but you are always part of us.

Ron Winchester 2001

killed on September 3, 2004 when an IED detonated near his vehicle in Al Anbar province, Iraq. He was reportedly at the front, guarding a convoy

James Blecksmith 2003

Only 24 when he died, but by age 16, he already was displaying the quiet altruism that made him a natural as a Marine Corps officer

Major Wayne R. Hyatt, USMC 1959

Forever missed. Forever in our hearts. Loving you and missing you always.

Mike LiCalzi 2004

Remembered by all, especially your 30th company shipmates.

Travis Manion 2004

If not me, then who.. Forever a part of our lives, forever remembered, forever blessed for knowing you.

LtCol Mario Carazo, USMC 1991

Devoted to his country and devoted to his family. Never forget


I didn't know Megan, but I will be running on Monday, May 31, 2021 in her honor.

Capt Matt Bancroft, USMC 1994

fighting so that we could continue to live in peace

LCDR Erik Kristensen, USN 1995

His courage and the courage of his fellow SEALs will never be forgotten.

LT Mike McGreevy, USN 1997

Dancing to the 70s and making room for you on the dance floor.

Capt Matt Freeman, USMC 2002

Matt loved his family and country and believed in what he was doing. An honorable man missed and loved.

LT Brendan Looney, USN 2004

Be Strong, Be Accountable, Never Complain! Working always to better yourself, means giving your best self to others. No Regrets.

Capt Brandon Barrett, USMC 2006

Thank you Bull for leading and defending

Capt Daniel Bartle, USMC 2006

Remember! Honor! Never Forget!

Bob Bradley (Hot Dog) 1964

An ALL-TIME GREAT guy who left this world too soon. As long as we are alive he will be remembered and missed.

Michael R. Collins 1964

Mike was a great teammate with me in UDT Eleven and Seal Team One in 1966-68. His easy going manner belied real toughness and courage.

Seth Michaud 1998

Seth was my brother in law, through Seth a true addition to my family was created. I am thankful to have had him and to have them in my life.

CAPT Jennifer Harris 2000

An amazing friend, a dedicated Marine, an inspiration. We miss you Jen.

Paul Cappellino 1977

Missing you now and always. See you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, Roomie & Friend

Jennifer Harris 2000

I was so honored to be Captain Harris' sponsor. She was joyful, smart and kind. Her death left a hole in the hearts of her family and many friends.

Jeffrey Ohl, 2LT, USMC 1982

Left us way too early. Killed in a T-34C mishap during primary flight training out of NAS Pensacola.

Arthur "Artie" Platt 1982

Outgoing, caring, and unique; a great friend. Killed in a T-44 accident during advanced flight training out of NAS Corpus Christi.

Captain Stephen J. Burley USMC 1977

Steve was a wonderful son, brother, friend, husband and leader! Steve and Jude would be so proud of the man their son Steve has become!

2nd Lt Ronald W Meyer, USMC 1965

My younger brother, Ron, KIA in Vietnam June 16, 1966. Think of you often, Clete


Fighter pilot from Oklahoma, left the Navy, flew domestic, then went back in the Navy and got shot down in Vietnam.

Robert A. Nemecek 1980

Passed Away 21 March 1991 30th Company

Marshall W. Atkins 1980

Passed Away 21 April 1993 10th Company

Steven M. Moreau 1980

Passed Away 7 August 1987 8th Company

Carlos A. Miller 1980

Passed Away 23 January 1985 13th Company

Nicholas C. Harman 1980

Passed Away 30 September 1983 15th Company

Jeffrey H. Tuset 1980

Passed Away 6 May 1985 1st Company

LCDR Landon Jones 2001

Classmate, friend, dash-2.

Kevin P. Connors 1969

Captain Brian Michael Smith 1991

Brian was a son, brother, husband and father who is missed more and more every day. He was dedicated to his family, his country and honored both.

Capt Vincent Smith, USMC 1976

He was killed in the terrorist attack of the headquarters of BLT 1st battalion 8th Marines on October 23, 1983 along with others. Never Forget

John C Kennedy III 1979

My brother has been greatly missed in our family for 40 years now. It's hard to believe! But, John died doing what he always wanted to do. Love, Janny

Megan McClung 1995

Her memory follows her brother every year to the Marine Corps Marathon. She was Bold and She was Brief.

Thomas James Holden 1964

1Lt William Griffis, USMC 1964

A good man, a good shipmate, a good Marine. My perennial boxing partner.

Capt Michael Quin, USMC 2006

Marine pilot, killed in a training accident in Yuma, AZ preparing for Afghanistan. Gone but not forgotten.

LtCol John S. MacLaughlin USMC 1938

Marine fighter pilot, Navy lacrosse player, leader and husband. Killed when his F-4U Corsair crashed into the Pacific in 1944

Capt Brandon Barrett, USMC 2006

Always smiling, steadfast friend, and a bull of a man. KIA Afghanistan 5 May 2010 leading his Marines.

John Sweet 1964

USNA sailing buddy. Went down with USS Scorpion in 1968. Sailing for freedom. Not on VN wall; not VN related.

1LT David Nairn, USMC 1981

Flash, you are thought of so often. We remember you and all who made this sacrifice, especially those in Lebanon with you.

CAPT Michael Ohler, USMC 1977

Words can not convey how much you are deeply missed.

Terri Fussner 1996

A beautiful, smart and kind friend who graced us with positivity and great cheer. You are missed by all who knew you.

LCDR Albert Schaufelberger, USN 1971

Remembered by many

CAPT George Tsantes, USN 1955

A truly tragic event.

Kylan Jones-Huffman 1994

A bright star in our universe - poet, warrior, polyglot, analyst, historian, leader. Gone too soon.

LT Mark Lange, USN 1979

Our class vocal artist, miss you.

Robert Mack Brown 1957

Bob was a former roommate, a true gentleman, who maintained his place in the Brigade in an impeccable manner.

CDR Leonard F. (Mike) Vogt, USN 1949

CO VA75, KIA leading night strike NVN 9/18/65. Leader, Warrior, Dad, Role Model.

Major Dean Holmes Matzko 1966

Beloved husband and father. Died in a TA-4 accident on 14 March 1979, MCAS Kaneohe Bay, HI.

1LT Michael LiCalzi 2004

KIA, Iraq, 2006. One of my plebes; his smile, kindness, positivity, and devotion to service will not be forgotten. Gone too soon.

LCDR Nicholas G. Brooks , USN 1966

David Michael Lumsden 1969

He loved his country. Gone, but never forgotten.

Tom Holden 1964

A great friend, a wonderful teammate and a superb “Jersey” boy.

William B McILvaine 2010

We will always miss the sound of his bagpipes, the beauty of his skiing, his incredible smile and joy in life. A true renaissance man, taken too soon.

Lt. Douglas C. Deem 1976

Doug was my big brother! I looked up to him and he was my protector through my younger childhood! He became a wonderful man, so smart and sweet! 🙏😇

LT Tom Adams 1997

Amazing, funny, talented and kind friend and Companymate. Lost while on exchange with the Royal Navy, Op TELIC, Mar ‘03. But he’s just pining....

Ron Vauk 1987

Thank you for your friendship, thank you for your service. God bless!

John Mark (Butch) Franklin 1974

Butch was a truly caring individual with a zest for life. He loved his family and his country, always looking forward to the next step in his life.

LT Darin Pontell, USN 1998

Live as though you will die tomorrow, but learn as though you will live forever. Gone almost 20 years

CAPT Gerald DeConto, USN 1979

Almost 20 years, we will never forget.

CAPT Robert Dolan, USN 1981

Doles, 20 years later and you are on our minds today as you were back in the hall. Duty, Honor, Country!

CDR Patrick Dunn, USN 1985

20 years Doc! Missed deeply.

CDR William H.Donovan, Jr, USN 1986

Billy, 20 years, still in disbelief. Never forget.

LT Jonas Panik, USN 1997

Taken from us almost 20 years ago. Strong character! Strong Convictions! Respected by all... now missed.

Maj Matthew Wiegand, USMC 2008

Missed and thought of every single day. Lost 30 March 2019 but never forgotten.

LT Caleb King, USN 2012

A tragedy. Never forget.

Capt Brian Kennedy, USMC 2007

5 1/2 years ago we lost you in body but not in our hearts. Miss your smiling, always happy self. #dirtythirty

Lamar Heiskell 1962


Jerry Franks Hogan 1964

Gone, but not forgotten.

Mike Burns 1964

A good friend.

Michael Collins 1964

Swim team captain '63-64, squared-away midshipman, Olympic swimming trials competitor, and SEAL leader. Fell too soon. Still miss him.

LTJG Galen Gilbert USN 1964

Galen was a nugget in VF-194, USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14). Crashed at sea during night carquals. RIP

William Michael Kurlak 1964

My Plebe Summer roommate lost in the Med

John Sweet 1964

John an ex Prototype Roommate and a Submariner on the Scorpion. A fallen hero and Great Person. We miss You and Honor You!

Thomas J. Holden 1964

1st LT, USMC KIA 22 Oct 1966

Barry W Hooper 1964

LT USN Vietnam 5 MAR 1968

CDR Alphonse Minvielle 1938

May we meet in heaven as your death preceded my birth 🙏❤️

Thomas Holden 1964

Great guy. Lost too soon.

Chuck Parish 1964

A great guy

James F. Surch, Jr. 1977

Jim died in the Beirut bombing in October 1983. He was my Senior roommate at the Academy and a Navy Lieutenant at the time of his death.

William A Griffis 1964

Capt USMC KIA Jan 24, 1970

Michael F. Burns 1964

Mike was lost in helicopter accident. He was great pilot and a wonderful father and friend. RIP Mike

David W. Kanning 1964

An outstanding pilot and leader who died in aircraft accident. RIP Dave

Michael F. Burns 1964

A quiet, strong, intelligent roommate and a skilled, dedicated athlete.

Jeff Shumway 1964

Gone but never ever forgotton.

Tom Holden 1964

Great friend, great Marine who did his duty...

Robin Cassell 1964

Goon man. Never forgotten.

Robin Cassell 1964

Tom Holden 1964

Great friend, great Marine who did his duty...

Daryl L. Chen 1980

Passed Away 9 July 1982 31st Company

Patrick K. Inglis 1980

Passed Away 22 May 1983 3rd Company

Nicholas C. Harman 1980

Passed Away 30 September 1983 15th Company

Donald E. Woollett 1980

Passed Away 23 October 1983 19th Company KIA – Beruit Bombing

Cynthia S. Grubbs 1980

Passed Away 24 November 1983 9th Company

James M. Merrill 1980

Passed Away 15 February 1984 28th Company

Carlos A. Miller 1980

Passed Away 23 January 1985 13th Company

Jeffrey H. Tuset 1980

Passed Away 6 May 1985 1st Company

Brian Hoke 1996

What is done without witness is done with highest nobility.

Tom Holden 1964

One of our first to fall in Viet Nam.

Tom Holden 1964

One of our first to fall in Viet Nam.

Chuck Parish 1964

Naval Aviator extraordinaire.

Mike Collins 1964

Award winning swimmer and SEAL extraordinaire.

Capt. Michael J. ( "Mohler Bear") Ohler, USMC 1977

A Christian since Plebe Year, a happy camper, a great friend.

Lowell Van Wagenen 1970

Lowell was a wonderful roommate, devoted husband and loving father. Gone much too soon.

Michael J. Ohler 1977

Mike Loved God. He was a fun loving loyal friend. Mike was a big encourager and a joy to be around.

Timothy Cocozza 1970

Tim was killed with his student pilot on a training flight.

Elizabeth Kealey 2005

Betsy was generous, determined, and always wanted to excell. She was a caring daughter, sister, aunt and friend and missed by so many!

1stLt Donald E. Woollett, USMC 1980

A superior man and Marine gone too soon, Wools gave his life in the 1983 Beirut Bombing. Remembered by his Class- and 19th Company-mates forever.

LT Charles "Pat" Jackson, USN 1970

Pat always wanted jets and Kathy Lynn. He was successful with both, but unfortunately was lost during a night carrier landing on Forrestal in 1976.

Mark Lange 1979

Though a year ahead of me at The Boat School, Mark was my mentor. My experience at USNA was made so much better by Mark. I miss him.

LT Charles D. Potter, USN 1970

Chuck came to USNA as an athlete with visions of jets and NASA. He was sadly lost when his RF-8G Crusader crashed on Burnt Peak, CA.

LT Timothy R. Cocozza 1970

Tim entered USNA as a gifted athlete who wanted to fly jets. Sadly he was lost in an accident flying to San Diego to transition to the S-3 jet.

Lt. Richard Lee Thomas, USAFR 1970

Rich left USNA to get married and fly for the USAF. He accomplished both goals, but unfortunately was lost in a training accident in 1972.

LT Jeffrey D. Stanley 1970

Jeff was a valued member of the 6th Company. He qualified to fly jets in 1972. Sadly he was lost as the result of a midair collision in 1974.

LCDR Albert A. Schaufelberger, USN 1971

Al was one of the first USNA midshipmen to go directly to SEAL training from USNA. He was KIA in El Salvador.

John "Jack" MacSwain 1974

Jack died in February, 1979 of injuries sustained aboard the USS Inchon. He was serving as an engineering officer. We were all very proud of him.

1stLt Donald E. Woollett, USMC 1980

Don loved God, his Family, the USA, the Marine Corps, his fellow Marines and his USNA Classmates. Semper Fi and RIP, our Cloud 19 Brother!

Hal Cushman Castle 1967

Hal was a helicopter pilot. Killed when he was shot down in Vietnam. 36th Company.

James M. Merrill 1980

My roommate for 3 years, rugby teammate, and proxy brother; lost in his A-4 in 1984. His picture is on my desk, and I think about him every day.

Mark Prusinski 1984

Classmate, shipboard roommate 2 IO cruises on Constellation, lots of great memories, Fly Navy!

Rick Pilger 1970

Rick was 12th Co. Commander. His helicopter went down on an exercise in the North Atlantic. From Upstate NY.He loved his Mustang and was a great guy.

Richard A. Creighton 1970

Rick was a treasured husband, father and son. We honor, love and miss him always. He was taken too soon in a helicopter accident at Pax River.

Lee Pancake 1933

Cmdr Lee Pancake was lost at the Battle of the Coral Sea. I did not have the chance to meet him, but knew him through the stories told by his widow.

Paul Duncan, Capt., USMC 1970

I had the distinct pleasure of rooming with Paul during the second semester of plebe year. He was a great roommate and even better person. Semper Fi!

Ron Vauk 1987

Did not know Ron well, however, his bio looks eerily like mine. On day 2 of 2 weeks active duty at the Pentagon,, w/many others he was killed on 9/11

Michael F. Bradley 1979

The "pitter patter" of a helicopter always brings a smile. We miss you every day!

Bill Covington 1965

Miss you roomie!

CDR Albert Dodge McFall 1950

Lost in flight operations in 1966 after 119 successful missions over Vietnam. His leadership and sacrifice will never be forgotten by his loved ones!

James Feeney 1969

Jim was a great classmate and friend.

Rick Pilger 1970

12th Company Commander 2 sets/ my roommate for three years and my best military friend. Long time gone as he lost his life in a helo accident @ '74

Hugh Brown 1970

CDR Willie McCool 1983

Willie was my Plebe Summer roommate in 1979. Smart, personable, and always ready to lend a hand, Willie perished aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia.

Major Megan M. McClung, USMC 1995

Daughter, sister, friend, mentor, scholar, inspirational leader, selfless, motivator, energizer, Firecracker, Ladybug, Tigger, M4

Jack Fisher 1970

LCDR Jack Fisher was killed in October, 1981, when the plane he was in, an EA-6B Prowler, crashed while flying out of NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA.

LtCdr Robert Belknap Mack 1945

LCDR Robert Belknap Mack, USN, Class of 1945. Lost at sea in 1957 flying the F4D "Ford" while deployed aboard CV-60 USS Saratoga.

LT Paul L Mellot, Jr. 1970

Paul was a gentle giant who loved sports, his classmates and family. He received his wings to fly helicopters, and was sadly lost in a crash in 1979.

Donald W. Hamilton Jr. 1938

Buried in a mass POW grave in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, Mo

CDR. George M. Brooke 1921

Buried in a mass POW grave in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, MO

CDR. Bruce A. Van Voorhis, 1929

Recipient of the Medal of Honor. Buried with his crew in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, Mo.

William Lloyd McGraw 1972

A son and a father, a friend, an officer, and a gentleman. He made the world a better place, and me a better person.

Arne Barden 1969

Arne was a great friend, and dedicated Navy pilot we lost too early in Vietnam.

Lee Rolek 1970

Lee was a great friend and Classmate

Patrick O'Neil 1970

Scooter was a great friend and Classmate

Scott Ketchie 1969

A truly inspiring former roommate. Some great memories. Everyone loved Scott!

Arne Barden 1969

A great classmate who gave his life too soon.

Scott Ketchie 1969

Scott was a happy guy who joked with everyone. He had a ready smile & happily lent a helping hand to others. I miss him.

Nick Brooks 1966

Nick was a great guy to everyone! Always willing to help others. Had a great smile. God rest his soul.

George "Buck" Wildridge 1969

Good man, with a good heart. Selfless. Died 1972, Sea of Japan, in emergency night launch of search and rescue helo following a midair collision.

Leo Rolek 1970

Leo Rolek was a first set detailer for '72 (Company H-22). Later he was killed in a helo accident. RIP

Claude Conner 1970

31st Company Classmate died in flight training shortly after graduation training to become a Marine Aviator.

Capt Paul V. Duncan, USMC 1970

From Colorado Duncs loved the mountains. Played defensive back on the 150 lb football team and was a leader in 36th company. Taken from us too soon.

Stu Powrie 1970

Blue Angel

LT Patrick Warren O'Neil 1970

Classmate, friend, squadron-mate in VF-74. Sadly killed during a landing accident at Pax River NAS. We miss you, Pat.

Michael Hayes 1972

Wonderful husband, classmate and friend.....and a fine Naval Aviator.

CDR Steve Hazelrigg 1970

Cdr Steve Hazelrigg crashed his A6 Intruder into the ground approximately one month after assuming command of the Strike Fighter group.

CAPT David L. King, USMC 1970

Dave King was Company CDR two sets of 1/C year. He aced TBS and flight training. He died in a night ops training accident and is still missed.

Hugh Brown 1970

Lt. Melvin Hugh Brown USN was killed when the specially modified test aircraft he was flying crashed in the Nevada desert on 23 August 1979.

John Paul Lay 1967

John Paul Lay was a Naval Aviator who was killed while training with a RAG prior to deployment.

Gabriel Hernandez 1970

Sharp witted and well versed in the finer things of life. His symphony ended too soon but plays on in the minds of those who knew him well.

Paul Duncan 1970

Paul was full of life, a great friend and exception Marine F-4 pilot. Gone but not forgotten.

Lowell Van Wagenen 1970

A wonderful husband, father and Marine Helicopter pilot who left us way too soon.

Scott Ketchie 1969

Scott Ketchie was my roommate and one of the nicest guys in the world. He was shot down over Laos and never recovered. May we always remember him.

Lee Rolek 1970

Wilmer Paul "Bill" Cook 1956

Wilmer was killed in action in 1967 leading an air strike over North Vietnam. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross three times.

Brewster Phillips II 1941

My father, Brewster Phillips II, Navy fighter pilot, was lost at sea in December 1946. I was 3 years old. Vicki Phillips Marchant.

Richard Weaver Piatt 1965

1st Lieutenant, USMC. KIA Viet Nam 1967. RIP Dick

William Michael Grammar 1965

1st Lieutenant, USMC. KIA Viet Nam 1967. RIP Michael

Travis Manion and Brendan Looney 2004

If not me, then who? Be Strong! Be Accountable! Never Complain! Always loved, always missed, never forgotten.

William C. Rogers 1969

Will loved being a marine fighter pilot in the service of our beloved country. His life was cut short when his F-4 crashed. He is sorely missed.

CAPT Jennifer Harris, USN 2000

She served three tours of duty in Iraq and was killed in action on February 7, 2007 when the helicopter she was piloting was shot down. Always missed

ENS Joshua Watson, USN 2019

Gone too soon and never forgotten!

LCDR Zachary Lansdowne USN 1909

Navy Cross as first American to cross non-stop from England to United States (R-34). CO USS SHENANDOAH (ZR-1): 2/24-9/25. Killed in Line of Duty

Joe Molishus 1965

Joe was a great friend and the best man at our wedding. I miss the good times we shared with him and Ann. He was the father of four amazing kids.

Captain Robert E Dolan Jr 1981

Beloved husband, father, son and brother. Sailor. "First For Freedom"

Jim Hughes 1949

Jim flew in combat and was lost in the Korean War. His body was never recovered. He was a roommate and good friend

Major Matthew M Wiegand 2008

Beloved husband son & friend. Cobra pilot, MAWTS 1 instructor killed on training mission 3/30/19

Ronnie Winchester 2001

Son, brother, friend, Navy football player, Marine. Missed and loved.

Erik Kristensen 1995

A man for others... often in my thoughts but always missed. Until Valhalla brother.

LT. Jim Surch 1977

Jim Surch was killed in the 1983 terrorist bombing of the Marine Corps Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. His class of '77 21st Company shipmates remember.

Pat Young 1975

Pat went four years with 1973, almost graduated, then came back to graduate with 1975. Both classes remember and miss you.

Rick Caesar 1973

Rick made the ultimate sacrifice during a Search and Rescue help flight at night and bad weather...his Class of 73 29th Company shipmates remember you

Lance Fremd 1973

We were in choir for 3 years; thoughtful, understanding and dedicated. I won’t forget him and wonder what great things he would have done. Miss you

Capt. Gerald F. DeConto 1979

Capt. Gerald 'Jerry' F. DeConto was lost on 9/11 attack on the Pentagon.

George David Theroux 1961

Beloved husband of Linda Robinson Theroux and father of two wonderful daughters, Lisa and Michele.

George D Theroux 1961

I will always love you.....

Jack Philips 1959

Jack won the Silver Star as a Marine Captain when he died crawling from foxhole to foxhole to guide his men

Dave Buell 1969

Dave is a man that I shall always think of when the question is posed, "How should an Officer of the Armed Forces operate?".

Kenneth Buell 1963

Cdr. Kenneth Buell was lost on a mission over North Vietnam while targeting the Northeast Railway area near China in 1972.

Stephen LaBarre 1974

A son and brother that led by example and excelled at most challenges. An Eagle Scout and a Vigil in the Order of The Arrow. He is remembered dearly.

Scott Ketchie 1969

Scott and I shared a number of classes at USNA, and he was good friends with my favorite cousin. He was a good man, lost in Vietnam.

Ford Shaw 2006

You'll always be the rock star of the fambam! We love you.

Landon Jones 2001

Beloved husband, father, son, and brother. His unwavering sense of duty, perseverance and commitment will be forever present in our lives.

CDR. Richard D. Hartman, USN 1957

Shot down over Vietnam and died in a POW prison camp

Patrick Trevor Wayland 2010

Patrick was a Marine’s Marine. He was a great son, brother and friend to so many. Yesterday in our arms, today in our memories, forever in our hearts

Megan McClung 1995

A friend and role model.

LTJG William Crawford Lawton 1964

Great son and brother, much loved by his family and friends. At 23, Bill had a great future...but his future was to be up in Heaven.

Robert E. Dolan, Jr. 1981

Beloved & honored husband, father, son, brother, family member, shipmate and friend. Gave his life at the Pentagon 9/11.

William C. Lawton 1964

Precious brother, you lit up our lives. little sis

Charles Swope 1957

Charley Swope was an enthusiastic, athletic, dedicated midshipman whose life was cut short by duty as an aviator in Viet Nam. He has been missed

Stanford H. Shaw, III 2006

Love of family and friends and life in general. So missed by his entire family and fiancee. Was an exemplary Marine.

William J. Lazarus 1965

A great, straight-shooting guy who was my roommate for 2 years. He left this world too soon. May he rest in peace with the Lord.

Barney Broms 1965

A fellow company mate respected by all.

James Lawton Smee 1970

Melissa, Gayle, and I miss Jim's smiling face every day and we are so grateful to have had him for the short time that we did. With love, Sue

William H Purdy 1965

Bill's love for his family and friends will never be forgotten.

Maj Megan McClung 1995

Be Bold. Be Brief. Be Gone. Never Forgotten.

Fred Minier 1973

Fred, we love you. Thank you for your selfless service in giving your life for others. Your 15th Company Brothers (aka 23d Co Tigers!)

Bruce J. Donald 1995

Bruce was always upbeat and supportive of his comrades, both at the Academy and in the USN. He is missed by many.

LCDR Erik S. Kristensen 1995

Erik was a Navy Seal killed in action in Afghanistan.

First Lieutenant Ron Winchester 2001

Marine Infantry Officer, two combat tours in support of OIF I&II. Part of the Navy Football Brotherhood. KIA 03 SEP 04, Al Anbar Province, Iraq.

Seth Michaud 1998

Sorely missed big brother. Love you Seth!

Peter Stone Robinson 1965

Peter, an amazing, loving father and husband, died in March 1997 from brain cancer due to Agent Orange exposure. He and his family lived in Moraga, CA

Ronald Meyer 1965

Ron was my plebe year roommate and a wonderful friend. Ron gave his life fighting to save fellow marines in a bitter battle in 1966 in Vietnam.

LCDR Christopher Tragna 1991

My son was an F-18 pilot and a Test Pilot Instructor and was stationed at Pax River, MD. He died on April 2, 2002 while testing an aircraft.

Dick Pierson 1965

Dick was a wonderful friend and classmate. From plebe year on we were close. He was a lovely person who left us too soon.

William C. Lawton 1964

Gone but never forgotten, Shipmate.

Paul Mickelson 1965

So quiet, yet so strong in so many ways. A true and loyal friend who never complained.

Ronald "Stump" Meyer 1965

He gave his life to protect the life of one he led. No greater love.

Raymond W. Vogel, Jr. Commander USN 1950

Killed in Action over Korea, August 1950. The finest man who ever lived. He sacrificed his life for his country and for his comrades.

Roland Obenland 1959

Captain USAF received Silver Star postomusly as commander of four engine bomber in Viet Nam. His plane was severely damaged while carrying bomber load

Robert F. Zitzewitz 1965

Rob spent 20 year in the Supply Corp. Hewas awarded the bronze star for Cambodia. He was on the flight line directing ammo deliveries when bombed.

Valerie Cappelaere Delaney 2009

Our classmate Val, a fierce competitor, loyal friend, and tremendous member of the Class of 2009! Never forgotten

Bill Boles 1965

Bill was a great crew mate, loved rowing with him

Capt. Jennifer J. Harris 2000

We'll never forget that smile and her compassionate heart. She had incredible drive to be the best that she could be. She flew so others could live.

Pat Kilcline 1975

Pat was lost at sea when his TOMCAT entered an unrecoverable flat spin. A carrier aviator & warrior who loved his family and friends. We miss him!

Francis Bridget 1921

Patrol pilot, Corregidor battalion commander, POW camp leader. Dozens of your comrades identified you as the reason they survived. To Honor! ⚓

LT Jason E Jakubowski 1993

Jas was valedictorian in HS, finished near the top of his class in '93. Went on to be named Strike Pilot of the year at LeMoore. Missed so, Mom & Dad

ENS Josh Watson 2019

Thinking about Josh Watson this weekend. Keeping his family in our prayers.

William B McILvaine 2010

How much we miss him everyday. A skier of incomparable style. An artist with his bagpipes. A leader and a cherished friend.

Travis Manion 2004

On this Memorial Day the USNA and Marine Corps family remembers your service and sacrifice. Thanks for leading from the front. If not me, then who...

All Naval Academy Fallen Heroes 1845

We remember every Naval Academy hero who paid the ultimate sacrifice and we remember their loved ones each and every day. We Remember!