Plebe Parents

Parents and Plebes, congratulations on your appointment to the Naval Academy. All the information from the Alumni Association in your Permit to Report package from admissions can be found on this page. The information provided below will help your plebe and your family be prepared for I-Day.

Updated info for I Day(s) Class of 2025

Updated 21 June 2021  

  • I Day(s) for Class of 2025 are June 29 and June 30, 2021 
  • There is no limit to family members accessing the yard on I Day.  However please note that to access the yard the family will be required to show the Permit to Report Letter with them. This is required to folks walking on the yard as well as those taking the shuttle bus from the stadium.  If a group or a family member want to leave the yard at some point and return, they will be required to have that letter to return to the yard.
  • There will be a Parent Information Fair open from 0900 – 1500 on the yard each day and all family members are welcome to attend.  There will be lunch options as well.
  • There will be two parent briefings from the Superintendent in Mahan Hall each day and only two family members per plebe will be allowed to attend the session. USNA will send your suggested brief times based on your plebes drop off time to you prior to the report date.  The session times will be on June 29th will be 1245 and 1500.  June 30th 1030 and 1500.  There will also be a brief session from the Alumni Association prior to the Superintendent briefings these sessions are open to all family members and will take place outside of Mahan Hall.
  • If parents already mailed in their forms for the base access card (DBiDS) or plan on bringing it on IDay, the security office will NOT be issuing DBiDS cards on this day.  DBiDs cards will be issued at a later date or sometime during Plebe Parents Weekend.
  • The Oath of office will take place at 1900 on June 30th.  All family members can attend if it is held outdoors.  If there is in-climate weather the Oath will take place in Alumni Hall and only two family members per plebe will be allowed to view the Oath of Office.  Following the Oath of Office plebes will be allowed to briefly visit with family and/or do their private swearing-in ceremony.  All plebes will be required to form back at approximately 2000.
  • Please check in with the USNA website for updated info regarding Plebe Summer.

For Incoming Plebes

Click here to download, print and fill out the LMAG form on the Admissions PRT website. This form authorizes a monthly payment toward their Alumni Association life membership dues. The LMAG needs to be returned (both forms with signature) to USNA on their report date for I-Day. Once paid your plebe will be a life member of the Alumni Association at their graduation.

For Plebe Parents

Click here to follow the steps indicated on your Alumni letter from the Permit to Report site form Admissions. This is your parent dashboard to: 

• Create a profile login

Please allow one business day from submitting a request for a username and password to process your request. (During peak times profile account registration may take up to two business days due to volume - May/June).

If you are a current parent of a MID attending USNA - you do not need to create a new record, please log-in, verify and update your existing record with the interest "Parent of 2025 MID" and include your plebe/mid name(s)

If you are a Naval Academy graduate or already have an established log-in with a plebe appointee - you do not need to create a parent record, please log-in to your alumni profile, verify/update your record, and include the interest "Parent of 2025 MID" and include your plebe/mid name(s)

*With report dates just getting released our website has been experiencing slower response times. If you are updating an existing profile you may encounter issues.  We ask that you update your registration at times that may not be so busy; early morning or in the evening. 

• Membership sign up

Parent Membership in the Alumni Association - we recommend parents join online before I-Day Report Days to not to miss out on any of the I-Day or plebe summer photos in our Photo Program. In 2020 we uploaded over 50,000 pictures to our Plebe Summer Photo Program for the Class of 2024 along with pictures of events and milestones throughout the academic year. 

• Support the Academy

• Register for an I-Day Parent Information Session on the day your mid reports

Each I-Day day will have several parent sessions scheduled, details for these sessions will be updated soon and we will email the official schedules to all registered parents when received. 

*Currently, the system is providing a report time for the information session.  Please disregard, we will follow up with you on the various sessions we will have as we get closer to I Day, Your parent info session will correspond with a time closer to your plebe's drop-off time.

• Find a regional USNA Parent Club near you

Additional Helpful Information:

 Locate State and Regional Parent Club Plebe Welcome Aboard Event

Follow our  U.S. Naval Academy Parent Community Facebook page. We are the only Naval Academy-endorsed source for parent information on Facebook.

Save Lori Coogan's contact information: Email and Ph: 410-295-4038. Lori is the parent program/parent club director and your official connection to the Academy.

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