Parent and FAMILY Support

The U.S. Naval Academy Brigade of Midshipmen appreciates the support of their parents and family during their four-year journey at the academy. We strive to make all the information and resources easily accessible through the parent website and the USNA Parent Facebook page, the only officially endorsed parent FB page for the Naval Academy.

Please keep in mind this is a unique college experience for your son or daughter. Your midshipman is now responsible for navigating much of this journey on their own, the understanding being that each of them must build leadership skills required by the Navy through this learning process. We encourage open communication between parents and their midshipmen but are realistic in those expectations and strive to provide as much official guidance and information to parents as possible and appropriate.

My role as the Naval Academy parent liaison is to support, redirect and answer questions as needed. I encourage parents to join one of the 80 Naval Academy parent clubs across the United States. These clubs are standing by with current parents of midshipmen ready to support you. All are willing to share fellowship and personal experiences, answer questions and assure you that your sons and daughters are safe and strong in the Naval Academy family. 

Familiarize yourself with all the information noted below and bookmark it for future reference. I am standing by to help and support our parent community.

Lori Coogan
Director, Parent Programs and Naval Academy Parent Clubs
Email Me or call: 410-295-4038