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2021 Parent Club officer conference

Slides from the Conference presenters are linked below:

Superintendent's presentation

Commandant's presentation

Supply Officer's presentation 

USNA Alumni Association and Foundation presentation

Brigade Medical Presentation



2020 Parent Club Officer Conference 

All presentations approved to be recorded are linked below and can be downloaded and shared to your parent members.

We were not approved to record the Brigade Medical presentation but have uploaded the slides from CAPT Saperstein's presentation. 

Alumni Association and Foundation Senior Leadership Update -10.28.2020,  posted 11.9.2020

VADM Sean S. Buck '83, USN / Naval Academy Superintendent Update - 10.28.2020, posted 11.9.2020

CAPT T.R. Buchanan '92, USN / Naval Academy Commandant - 10.29.2020, posted 11.9.2020 

CAPT W. Scott Switzer '92, USN / USNA Service Assignment - 10. 30.2020, posted 11.9.2020

CAPT Mike Jefferson '95, USN / USNA Supply Officer - 10.30.2020, posted 11.9.2020

Virtual Parent Club Meetings/Events Webinar # 1 - 10.30.2020, posted 11.9.2020

All Academy Military Balls Webinar # 2 - 10.30.2020, posted 11.9.2020

Naval Academy Parent Club Resources Webinar # 3 - 10.30.2020, posted 11.9.2020

Brigade Medical Power Point Presentation Slides 10.29.2020, posted 11.9.2020

Naval Academy Service Assignment Presentation Slides - 10.30.2020, posted 11.9.2020

2020 Parent Club Officer Conference Agenda

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2020 Parent Club annual update documents


Additional Resources for Parent Clubs

We encourage all our parent club volunteers to reach out and work with other service academy volunteer organizations, helpful links for USMA and USAFA are provided here:

United States Military Academy (West Point) Alumni Societies

United States Military Academy West Point Parent Clubs

United States Air Force Alumni Chapters

United States Air Force Academy Parent Clubs


2019 Conference Materials

2019 Parent Club Officer Conference Full Schedule - updated 9.6.19

2019 Parent Club Officer Conference Photo Album

Thursday Conference Agenda

VADM Buck ' USNA 63rd USNA Superintendent Brief

Alumni Association and Foundation Senior Leadership Brief

International Programs Brief- Tim Disher

Experiential Learning Brief- Maria Palotta

Brigade Medical Brief - CAPT Brafford and Team

Jostens Official Ring Information Brochure

Jostens Ring Event Timeline and details:

MID LETTER #1 Sent: 8/19/19 Intro Letter
MID LETTER # 2 Sent: 8/26/19 Info: Warranty/Loss/Stones
MID LETTER # 3 Sent: 9/3/19 Ring Event/Process/Order Timeline

Jostens 2021 Ring Accessories  

Round Table Discussion Topics

Class of 2021 2/C Parents Weekend Schedule

Naval Academy Parent Club Guidelines and Recommendations

Senior Leadership Speaker Bios

Event Venue Location Maps

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