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Life membership is the easiest and most rewarding way to continue your membership through the years.

More than 99% of all incoming midshipmen join the Life Membership at Graduation program, which allows them to pay for their membership while at the Academy and begin enjoying benefits while still midshipmen. All classes since 1980 have been part of this program, and thus more than 95% of all classes since that time are life members.

We encourage all alumni to become Life Members, and enjoy the increased benefits and services associated with this program. Alumni life member rates are based on class year and seniority, and great payment plans are available, including monthly credit card deductions for maximum convenience. Life members stay in touch; stay informed about the Academy and Alumni Association and are a stronger part of their class.

Life membership is convenient and once set up, you never lose touch again. Once signed up, your benefits begin immediately.

We need you to become a life member! Save money, stay in touch and enjoy the benefits of Life Membership!
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