Those 10 months [at NAPS] changed my whole life. I had no idea how to study at the collegiate level. NAPS forced me to become a focused student in ways that never had occurred to me,” he said. “NAPS forced you to focus on your intellectual maturation. Plus, everyone else there was competitive as hell. You had the feeling that you’d better be working hard, because the guy next to you wants it as bad as you do, even worse.
-- Lieutenant Colonel John C. Church Jr. ’89, USMCR 

Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS)

Private support allows NAPS to enhance the prep curriculum for midshipman candidates beyond that which is possible with federal appropriated funds alone. Private gift opportunities include:

NAPS Academic Center Support

NAPS midshipman candidates are excellent candidates for admission to the Naval Academy, but will benefit from additional academic preparation in order to develop the skills necessary to be competitive with students entering the Academy directly from high school. Private gift support will be used for additional learning skills instructor and tutorial positions, furnishings and infrastructure, technical systems, training workshops, and for Center operations.

NAPS Athletic Facilities

Modern athletic facilities are a key component of NAPS’ ability to produce outstanding midshipman candidates. The NAPS Athletic Facility will require a public/private partnership to be completed. This construction will accommodate a large multi-functional storage area, men’s and women’s locker rooms, visiting team locker room, a game official locker room, weight room, large cardio room, multipurpose/meeting rooms and an indoor practice area. 


Classroom Improvements

Private gifts support the renovation and upgrade of classrooms and other instructional spaces.

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