The Naval Academy strives to develop ethical leaders of character through education, experiences, interactions and opportunities. Private gift support enables and enhances the following programs, facilities and faculty that will provide the moral and ethical foundation of our future Navy and Marine officers, including:

Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

The Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership ... named after one of the Academy’s most courageous, honorable and accomplished graduates, Vice Admiral Jim Stockdale, Class of 1947 ... serves to empower leaders to make courageous ethical decisions.  The Secretary of the Navy established the Center to not only support the Academy’s moral development mission, but to also be a beacon of ethical leadership thought for the Navy and Marine Corps, the Department of Defense, the federal government and national and international institutions of influence. Read more ... 

Distinguished Faculty

Privately funded Distinguished Faculty includes Distinguished Military Professors (DMPs), the Distinguished Chair in Leadership, the Distinguished Chair in Ethics, and Resident Ethics Fellows. Read more ...

Leadership Education and Development

Supported through philanthropy, the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Division at the Naval Academy includes Experiential Leadership Learning and the Naval Academy Leadership Conference.  Read more ...


Midshipman Activities Center

The Naval Academy seeks to build a Midshipman Activities Center with private gift support. This initiative will provide a 14,000-square-foot expansion of meeting and activity space for extra-curricular clubs, group study and social activities. Read more ... 


Midshipmen Attend National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

"When you go to NOLS you get actual practice in what you are taught at the Academy with real risks and real people." - MIDN 3/C

Director of the Stockdale Center

The Stockdale Center is led by Col Arthur J. Athens, USMCR (Ret.) ‘78. Colonel Athens serves on the Naval Academy’s Senior Leadership Team and Chairs the Leadership Excellence Council, charged with integrating and aligning the Academy’s leadership, ethics and character development programs. Colonel Athens speaks extensively at the Academy and around the country on subjects related to ethical leadership. He is a retired Marine, the Academy’s first Distinguished Military Professor of Leadership and a former Commandant of Midshipmen at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and White House Fellow under President Ronald Reagan.

Stockdale Center Impact

In each of their four years, midshipmen are influenced by programs, products and activities sponsored and funded by the Stockdale Center. These touch points for the Brigade include ethical decision making simulations, guest speakers, staff rides, video and written material available on the Stockdale website and special midshipman programs like the one that sends midshipmen to Poland to study the Holocaust. The Center also invests in the ethical leadership development of the Academy’s staff, faculty and coaches through seminars and other educational opportunities. The Center exists to support and enhance the Academy’s efforts to produce and graduate the world’s finest naval officers.


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