Excellence at the Naval Academy requires a great faculty that can attract other outstanding teachers and top-notch students. In the area of leadership, ethics, and character education and development, the following faculty positions are supported through private gifts:


Distinguished Military Professors

Recently retired senior military officers compliment active duty officers on the faculty by providing curricular continuity and the benefit of experience gained from distinguished active duty careers.  This initiative augments existing funding for four incumbents and adds two additional DMPs in Naval Law and Seamanship and Navigation Read more...

Distinguished Visiting Professors

This program aims to attract leading national and international experts with specialized and recent experience in emerging, important subject areas for a fixed-term appointment.  DVPs will teach advanced courses, lead seminars, develop speaker series, and conduct research to enhance the Brigade’s understanding of contemporary issues.

Distinguished Chairs

The Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership includes two distinguished chairs, one focused on ethics and the other on leadership; both chairs require ongoing private gift support.  These two accomplished individuals are principal contributors to the Center’s work providing innovative programs that develop and sustain leaders of integrity.

Resident Ethics Fellows

The Resident Ethics Fellows program is a unique, multidisciplinary effort that brings together academics and military professionals to study a specific topic in the field of military ethics and leadership.  The Fellows meet together regularly, host guest speakers, conduct independent and joint research, travel to meet with other experts in the field, publish their findings in journals and books, produce instructional materials for the Academy curriculum, and make presentations at the Academy and other national and international forums.

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Resident Ethics Fellows

In academic year 2010-11, the Classes of 1958, 1962 and 1967 each sponsored a Resident Ethics Fellow at the Stockdale Center of Ethical Leadership. Selected annually from a national pool of applicants, each conducts guided research in the fields of professional military ethics, leadership, and character development. The theme of their 2010-11 research was post-9/11 warfare. The Fellows also  teach ethics and leadership classes, participate in 1/C Capstone Seminars, mentore Ethics Bowl participants, and support the Character Development program.

Class of '84 Distinguished Chair in Ethics

The Class of 1984 Distinguished Chair in Ethics was created to bring a high level of scholarship and expertise in military ethics to the programs of the Naval Academy’s Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership.  Dr. George Lucas was appointed to the Class of 1984 Chair in 2009 and continues to serve in that role.

Distinguished Visiting Professor of Information Technology

Raymond Greenlaw has served as the Rear Admiral Frank T. Leighton (USNA 1909) / Class of 1948 Distinguished Visiting Professor in Information Technology since August 2010.  An active and enthusiastic participant in the academic, administrative, athletic and cultural life of the Naval Academy.


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