International Programs

The USNA International Programs Office (IPO) plays an important role in the Naval Academy’s increasing emphasis on foreign language proficiency and cultural awareness in the education of the Brigade of Midshipmen.  The IPO facilitates international opportunities to enhance foreign language ability, regional understanding and a better appreciation for other cultures – valuable assets for future officers, including:

Cultural Immersion

Cultural Immersion Programs have been established to enable midshipman participation in four-to-six week summer language programs in foreign countries and faculty-led cultural travel during holiday and spring breaks. 

Language Immersion

Midshipmen already enrolled in language courses can pursue travel abroad for four to six weeks, to enhance language skills, gain regional expertise and become more familiar with foreign cultures.

Semester Study Abroad

The Semester Study Abroad Program is designed to improve foreign language proficiency and regional knowledge through cultural immersion, widely considered the most effective means of achieving language fluency.  The Naval Academy has reciprocal exchange relationships with military academies in Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Japan and Spain, while midshipmen with the necessary language skills may also study at civilian colleges in Russia, China, Egypt, Qatar and Jordan.  Private gifts make this possible through scholarships which fund tuition, lodging and meals.

Center for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (CMEIS)

The Center for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (CMEIS) provides educational opportunities available to midshipmen, faculty and staff by supporting international and regional study, curricular innovation, and a visiting lecture series, while serving as a resource center for a broad menu of topics associated with the study of the Middle East. Additional regional centers are planned, including the focus areas of the Far East and India.

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