Thanks for considering increasing or starting your monthly support of the 2014 First Gift project. So far, 55% of our class have been contributing monthly through military allotments with our contributions split 75%/25% between the Class of 2014 First Gift Fund and the Naval Academy Fund. Our class has already contributed more than $97,000 for the First Gift program. And if every one of us gives $20.14 per month between now and our 10th Reunion in 2024, our Class Gift will amount to over $2.2 million!

Imagine the impact that kind of gift will have on the Brigade of Midshipmen—things like sending midshipmen overseas for cultural immersion visits, providing scholarships to help midshipmen attend the National Outdoor Leadership School, funding tutoring programs at the Center for Academic Excellence, and supporting more than 20 thousand hours of community service organized by the Midshipmen Action Group every year.


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