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Distinguished Visiting Professors

This program aims to attract leading national and international experts with specialized and recent experience in emerging, important subject areas for a fixed-term appointment.  DVPs will teach advanced courses, lead seminars, develop speaker series, and conduct research to enhance the Brigade’s understanding of contemporary issues. Private donors are invited to support the establishment of Distinguished Visiting Professor Program at the Naval Academy by contributing resources to meet the Program’s initial and ongoing support requirements. Examples include:

The Class of 1961 Professor of Leadership Education (PLE)

The PLE provides senior level support to the Director of Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) for core educational and developmental programs.  Other duties of the PLE include mentoring and developing junior civilian faculty and military instructors in the LEAD Division, serving as curriculum adviser to the LEL Department Chair, teaching core and elective courses in the leadership curriculum, developing curricula for core and elective leadership courses, assisting the Leader Development and Research (LDR) Chair in the area of experiential leadership development, establishing ties with other distinguished academic institutions and programs focused on leadership, assisting the USNA Leadership Education And Development Masters Degree Program Manager with curriculum oversight and teaching, and conducting research in leader development.

Class of 1968 Senior Military Instructors of Leadership and Ethics (SMI)

The SMI Program provides a teaching-focused cadre of recently retired Navy and Marine Corps officers whose expertise, experiences and leadership at the O-4 through O-6 level provide a unique perspective to supplement and complement the Active Duty rotational faculty in the core leadership and ethics courses.  The SMI fills the gaps left in the Naval Academy rotational military faculty that exist because of the human capital challenges of being a Nation and a Navy at War.  In addition, the SMI offers an invaluable resource for professional and personal collaboration and mentoring, to both midshipmen and rotational instructors.

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