The Academic Center made it possible for me to come from a state with poor educational resources, press through the Academy experience, and go on to fly tactical strike aircraft for the Marine Corps, and even to return to Annapolis to teach.  I couldn't ask for a better series of opportunities than the ones the Center gave me.

Center for Academic Excellence

Success at the Academy requires more than native intelligence. To be successful, midshipmen need to learn to manage their time, set priorities, and become effective and efficient learners. The Naval Academy’s Center for Academic Excellence was created in 1989 to address this need. In 2003, upon the occasion of the Class of 1963 40th Reunion and the class presentation of a significant legacy gift, the center was named The Class of 1963 Center for Academic Excellence. 

There are numerous opportunities for additional private gift support, including: 

Plebe Programs

Plebe programs include Plebe Advising and the Plebe Intervention Program, a focused effort to address the needs of those who struggle academically in their first year.

Academic Counseling

Academic counseling monitors and advises more than 100 midshipmen in each class and is closely linked to the Plebe Intervention Program.

Learning & Reading Skills

Learning & Reading Skills provide assistance to all midshipmen who desire to improve their academic performance, regardless of class, grade point average, or academic standing. Offerings include reading effectiveness courses, note-taking and study skills training workshops, and time management and goal setting strategies. Specialized instruction is also available to enhance the development of language acquisition skills.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services consist of a full range of assistance for midshipmen who are committed to improving their performance in enrolled courses. Faculty members and experienced tutors join the Center’s full time chemistry, mathematics and engineering instructors to provide both individual and group tutoring in mathematics, chemistry, physics, engineering and foreign languages.

Midshipmen Group Study Program

The Midshipmen Group Study Program consists of more than 100 trained upper-class midshipmen who voluntarily assist other midshipmen with personalized instruction in a wide range of subjects including chemistry, mathematics, mechanical engineering, physics, political science, language studies, seamanship and navigation, aerospace engineering and systems engineering.

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