Veronica Rogers '87
Mid-Atlantic Region Trustee

Veronica ‘Roni’ Rogers is an ‘87 alum and a former Naval Intelligence Officer. Following several West Coast and East Coast tours, she completed her active duty time as the N6 at the Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center. Roni continued work in the Information Technology (IT) field for both startup companies and established ones such as Bank of America.

She continues her pursuit of technology, but now in support of the Navy as a Navy civilian. She is a board member of the very active USNA Hampton Roads Alumni chapter where she serves as the webmaster, facebook administrator, a communications committee member, and a founder of the Business Development Group. 

While IT remains a passion, Roni also enjoys group fitness training, deriving great pleasure from bootcamp-style and kickboxing classes. She is married to “Buck” Rogers, a former P-3 aviator, and they have two children, Justin and Jonathan.


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