Q&A with Navy Tennis’s Hernandez ’17

Name: Rozel Hernandez

Sport: Women’s Tennis

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Class: 2017

Major: General Science

Service Assignment: SWO

Q. What drew you to attending the USNA?
A. I did not know about the Naval Academy until the coach contacted me about playing on the team. I did my research and talked to friends and a woman who was on the team. I saw and heard a lot of good things and decided it was definitely the place for me.

Q. How did you first become interested in tennis?

A. I started playing tennis when I was three years old. My dad’s side of the family plays tennis, and growing up playing it with my cousins was our favorite family activity.

Q. What is something about the sport that most people don’t know or understand? 
A. Most people get very confused about the scoring system. I also think that the mental toughness required for this individual sport gets easily overlooked.

Q. What is the best part about your hometown? 
A. San Diego is known as a Navy town, but there are so many different cultures within the city that you can find a little bit of something new everywhere.

Q. Name three artists on your music play list:
A. Jack Johnson, J. Cole and Drake

Q. If you could play another sport, what would it be and why?  
A. I would choose to surf. Not only is every competition located in a beautiful beach town, the sport also brings you so close with nature.

Q. Favorite place you have visited in your life, and why is it your favorite. 
A. I have travelled to Oahu, Hawai’i for vacation and to visit family many times when I was growing up. Every time I go, I fall in love with island, its unique culture and especially the weather.

Q. Best moment of your time here at USNA (can be athletic or non-athletic): 
A. My favorite moment of my time on Navy Women’s Tennis is when we beat Army at West Point my youngster year. Playing at their home and overcoming the adversities that came with the pressure and a loud crowd was amazing.

Q. Knowing what you do now, what would you tell yourself on Induction Day? 
A. You will be faced with many challenges here. You will grow and change in so many different ways. Don’t let some mistakes define you and prevent you from doing bigger things.

Q. What would you like to be doing in 10 years?
A. Hopefully in 10 years I will have earned a master’s degree and will be enjoying my job, whether in the Navy or as a civilian.


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