Naval Academy Plebes Participate in "Sea Trials"

The United States Naval Academy’s obstacle endurance course known as  “Sea Trials” will take place on Tuesday, 15 May 2018, where the freshmen class (plebes)  participated in 14 hours of rigorous physical and mental challenges that created intense teamwork under a stressful environment.

This event, Sea Trials, was modeled after the Marine Corps’ Crucible and the Navy’s Battle Stations Program.  It was designed to be a “capstone” event for the fourth class midshipmen and a leadership challenge for the upper class. The mission of Sea Trials is to place fourth-class midshipmen in a physically and mentally demanding environment that instills in them the values of good leadership, teamwork, and perseverance. Sea Trials allows the fourth class to participate in a memorable and worthwhile event that teaches them much about their own abilities and limitations as well as the advantages of working as a team. The fourth class will finish the day of activities and begin their transition to third class year, together. At the same time, Sea Trials allows the upper class cadre and staff to practice their leadership abilities to be better prepared for Plebe Summer Indoctrination and future leadership roles throughout the Brigade as well as the roles they will hold once in the Fleet. 

Sea Trials took place over the entire naval complex – on water, on Naval Academy grounds, throughout the Naval Station and inside Lejeune Hall for a series of water challenges.

This event is NOT open to the public.


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