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BOT Resolution

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BOT Special Committee



At its 10 December 2020 meeting the Alumni Association Board of Trustees rightfully acknowledged the inspiring and thoughtful work of the Special Committee on Alumni Culture, Diversity and Inclusion and approved a resolution to establish an Ad Hoc Committee of the Board to continue the work begun by the Special Committee. Subsequently, in early January 2021, the Board of Trustees approved the committee membership and the committee began its work in mid-January. As set forth in the 10 December resolution, this Ad Hoc Committee will analyze the recommendations of the Special Committee, review findings of a planned alumni survey, determine processes and procedures for implementation, and make recommendations to the Board for consideration. The Committee intends to meet regularly to conduct its work and share appropriate updates, information and recommendations to the Board of Trustees at its planned meetings during the year.

"Inherent in the ideals and mission of our Association are matters of leadership and service to the nation, the Academy and each other. The Board of Trustees committed to a review of who we are and who we aspire to be in authorizing the work of the Special Committee last year. Subsequently, the Board was unanimous in its desire to continue on the path forward set by the Special Committee, particularly focusing on the areas of culture, diversity and inclusion.” said Tim Wolf '87, chair. "I think that Rev. Dr. King framed it best in saying, 'The time is always right to do what is right.' Now, as a next step on our path, we are most fortunate to have an immensely talented, representative and experienced Committee who are invested in making us better. I believe that, together, we will contribute to making the Association one in which ALL of us can be proud."

The Ad Hoc Committee, adopting the name of the BOT Action Committee on Alumni Culture, Diversity and Inclusion, held its first meeting on 19 January 2021 and will continue to update this page with relevant content as it engages in its work. The Committee invites and encourages suggestions, feedback and questions at alumnifeedback@usna.com.

Committee Members

Tim Wolf '87 - Chair
Gordon Gerson '58
GEN Carl Fulford '66, USMC (Ret.)
Mark Rupprecht '76
Janie Mines '80
Jim Schwab '88
Tara Houlden '05
Donnie Horner '08
Caleb Cronic '11
Kaila Julia '12
John-Rex Spivey '13

Former Committee Members

Carlos Del Toro '83
Matice Wright Springer '88