First Class Battalion Receptions

In January and February 2018, the U. S. Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation will host six Battalion Receptions at Alumni House for the first class midshipmen.

Regarded as a “Welcome Aboard” reception for the graduating class, staff along with members of their 50-year counterpart class have an opportunity to engage with the midshipmen. Midshipmen are encouraged to continue their relationship with the Extended Brigade after their graduation through the Alumni Association. The midshipmen also learn more about the benefits of being a Lifetime member and, during the reception, sign up for their classmail email address.

The 50-year class sponsors the younger class during their four years at the Naval Academy and as part of the Alumni Association’s “Another link in the Chain” program.  During graduation, representatives from the 50-year class presents the graduating class with their Ensign/2ndLt bars. 


28 February – Battalion 6

Class of 2018 6th Battalion

Photo Gallery

17 January - 1st Battalion

Class of 2018 1st Battalion Reception

24 January - 2nd Battalion

Class of 2018 2nd Battalion

31 January - 3rd Battalion

Class of 2018 3rd Battalion Reception

8 February - 4th Battalion

Class of 2018 4th Battalion Reception

21 February - 5th Battalion

Class of 2018 5th Battalion


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