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Alumni Legacy Programs

The U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association’s mission is to “strengthen our members’ bonds to the Academy and to each other, to help members thrive as leaders in and out of uniform, and reach their full potential.”

Alumni Legacy Programs celebrate, honor, and acknowledge the enduring impact of the events, achievements, actions, and lives of our alumni that unite the community in shared experience and understanding for what it means to 'thrive as leaders’ and ‘reach their full potential’ as Naval Academy alumni. Through this shared meaning, we ‘strengthen our members’ bonds to the Academy and to each other.’

We do that through four flagship legacy programs: Honor Our Fallen Heroes; Distinguished Graduate Award; Thriving as Leaders Awards; and Memorial Services.

Honor Our Fallen Heroes honors the ultimate sacrifice of Naval Academy alumni killed in combat action or in non-combat military operations, together with their families who gather in reverence to their memory each fall.

The Distinguished Graduate Program honors living graduates who have distinguished themselves in their fields in and out of uniform, who demonstrate impeccable personal integrity, and who actively support the missions of the Naval Academy or the Alumni Association.

The Thriving As Leaders awards recognize and celebrate alumni achievement in professional and athletic pursuits, and also acts of service and leadership in volunteer roles.

And finally, our Memorial Services program provides support to alumni in their final chapters and their families.

Collectively, our Legacy Programs evoke the connective tissue uniting all alumni through the stories of our heroes, our exemplars, and the lives well lived of every alumni in their final chapter. So inspired, our alumni re-commit to the ethos of service imbued at the Naval Academy.

Explore Our four flagship legacy programs: