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Obituary (CA): Mrs. Margaret (Peter Duncan '48)

Posted on 08/24/2018

Margaret Beaton Duncan  (June 29, 1929 - May 25, 2018)

Margaret Beaton Duncan, age 88, passed away 25 May 2018. "Peggy" as she was known to her family and friends was born in Port Chester, New York on 25 Jun 1930. She was a much-loved wife, mother, aunt, and cherished friend to many. She was knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects from art, to history, to physical sciences, to poetry and languages, due to both her education and her never-ending desire to read, to learn, and to travel. Margaret lived a full and varied life...from being a Naval officer's wife (her late husband, Peter, was a Naval Academy graduate), to her career as a librarian, to traveling the world with her husband, with visits to the British Isles, France, Greece, and Egypt. After retiring, they both volunteered as tutors for several years at a local elementary school. Last, but not least, she LOVED to read!! She always had time/made time for reading...for leisure or to learn more about subjects of interest. As a T-shirt she often wore read, "Too many books, Too little time!"Per her request, her ashes were scattered over the ocean off San Diego.She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Published in The San Diego Union Tribune on Aug. 24, 2018