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Obituary (AL): Mrs. Marian (John S. Blake '46)

Posted on 08/24/2018

It is with tremendous sadness to say that Marian Blake, peacefully passed on Thursday, July 18, 2018, at the age of 96 after complications from a hip fracture in addition to other health issues. She is preceded in death by her husband CDR John S. Blake, USN, Retired. To this day we were awestruck at the amazing, extraordinary life she has led. She had big blue eyes that twinkle like Ginger Rogers, legs like Betty Grable, leadership skills like General Douglas MacArthur and a visionary like Steve Jobs. She was witty, funny, brilliant, with a passion for adventure and can-do spirit like no other. Her many talents included designing entire costume wardrobes for the Mobile Ballet as well as Joe Jefferson Players theatre group; organizing fundraisers and gala events. She was a member of "the greatest generation" and today Heaven has a brand new angel. She is survived by her loving son David Blake, adoring daughter-in-law Heather and grandchildren; Allison Blake Williams and John Paul Blake. Mrs. Blake will be laid to rest at a later date with her family in Harborside, Maine. Condolences may be offered at

Published in the Mobile Register and Baldwin County on July 22, 2018