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Alumni Mentoring Program Testimonials

“Thank you for designing a phenomenal (almost unfair) opportunity for young alumni of USNA. My experience with AMP exceeded all expectations.”
Josh Kristoff '07

“The AMP was a great resource in identifying a perfect mentor match to meet my desired goals. My mentor has walked in my shoes and provided excellent guidance and feedback regarding the topics I have presented. I am able to discuss my current challenges in detail and bounce ideas back and forth.”
Kevin Quirino '00

“Throughout the mentorship, my goals have changed, but the experience has been invaluable.”
Bradley Mayhew '08

“My mentor has been fantastic and very generous with his time.”
Timmy O'Reilly '05

“My mentor helped me negotiate a salary and responsibility increase at my current employer.”
Justin Luczyk '03

“At times he (mentor) has just confirmed my plan of action and at other times has helped open my eyes to different possibilities or see something from a different vantage point.”
Andrew Townsend '06

“The AMP program enabled a connection with a mentor who has helped me stay on track working towards these goals.”
J Whorley '07

“An extremely valuable experience.”
Nate Langmack '98

“Someone who I can talk to candidly about my goals and who is able to knowledgeably weigh in. My mentor and this program have been great.”
William Schindele '06

“The experience helped me organize my thoughts for what I want out of my career and provided a different path.”
Member Class of '01

“I have personally recommended AMP to 5 of my classmates based on my positive experiences so far.”
Member, Class of '07

“I'm now 50 years old and thought that I'm too old for mentoring, I wish I'd gotten help sooner. I have a lot of baggage about *still* needing help in the areas where I need it. I wondered what a USNA grad would think of me as we got to know each other and I shared the story behind the story, if you know what I mean. It seems so "counter-USNA" and I had to overcome it to even register. I'm glad that I did. The matching process came up with a phenomenal match for me.”
Member, Class of '83

“I was able to get information that I was having trouble finding on my own. My mentor was able to make connections that I didn't realize were able to be made.”
Member, Class of '10

“I think this program has been tremendously helpful for me and also for my mentor.”
Patrick Winter '07