Class Rings

Tradition and pride are in every USNA ring. Near the end of their Plebe year, 4/C midshipmen design their class crest that becomes a significant part of their rings, a custom that started with the Class of 1869.

Every year, a contract is signed with one company to create that year's rings. The jeweler who wins the contract is also the only one who may reproduce rings. On occasion, other jewelers who bid for the contract that class year may make crest pins and/or miniatures. Naval Academy rings are to be owned solely by Naval Academy graduates and the families of deceased graduates. Jewelers are under contract not to make rings for non-graduates and collectors.

Ring and Ring Donations

Lost or Stolen Rings

Booma Ring Stories

Bonds of Gold 

Bonds of Gold allows members of the Another Link in the Chain class to donate class rings and miniatures to the midshipman class. These rings are then melted down and incorporated in the gold used to make the new rings for the midshipmen from that class, thus creating a "Bond of Gold". 

The annual ceremony celebrates the donations of rings and miniatures from graduates, wives and mothers from the ALITC class. This year's ceremony was held in April 2019 in Memorial Hall, USNA.

USNA Rings by Class Year

1945-1947   Bailey Banks & Biddle
1948   Herff Jones
1949-1950   Bailey Banks & Biddle
1951   Jostens
1952   Herff Jones
1953   Bailey Banks & Biddle
1954   Herff Jones
1955-1956   Jostens
1957   Herff Jones
1958-1961   Jostens
1962-1963   Herff Jones
1964-1966   Balfour
1967-1968   Jostens
1969   Herff Jones
1970   Balfour
1971   Jostens
1972   Balfour
1973-1976   Herff Jones
1977   Balfour
1978   Jostens
1979   Herff Jones
1980-1981   Jostens
1982-1983   Balfour
1984   Jostens
1985   Herff Jones
1986   Balfour
1987   Herff Jones
1988-1994   Jostens
1995   Herff Jones
1996-1998   Jostens
1999   Herff Jones
2000   Jostens
2001   Herff Jones
2002   Jostens
2003   Herff Jones
2004-2016   Jostens