The DGA Selection Panel

Class Name   Desig   Years*   Note
1978 ADM Harry Harris, USN (Ret.)   Chair/Aviation   2023-2025   Panel Chair
1978 ADM Mark Ferguson III, USN (Ret.)   SWO (N)   2022-   AA BOT Chair/non-voting
1989 **VADM (Sel) Yvette Davids, USN   Supe   2024-   USNA Supe
1995 Mr. Jeff Webb   AA&F CEO/SEAL   2023-   AA&F CEO
1976 Mr. Kevin Stone   Subs   2024-2026   AA Trustee
1988 Mr. Darryl Smith   USMC/Bus   2024-2026   AA Trustee
1982 Mr. Mike Petters   Subs/Bus   2023-2025   BOD Trustee
1980 RADM A.B. Cruz, USN (Ret.)   SWO   2023-2025   A&SP Trustee
1986 LtGen Lori Reynolds, USMC (Ret.)   USMC   2023-2025   BOT Chair Appointee
1970 Mr. Steve Reinemund   USMC/Bus   2024-2026   BOT Chair Appointee
1988 Mr. Jim Schwab   SWO (N)/Bus       Alternate
2012 Mr. Ian Cameron   USMC/Bus       Alternate

* Dates of service are for DG Award years, not calendar years.
** Pending Senate approval and assumption of duties as USNA Superintendent