The DGA Selection Panel

Class Name   Desig   Years*   Note
1975 ADM Jonathan Greenert, USN (Ret.)   Chair/Sub   2019-2022   Panel Chair
1983 VADM Sean Buck, USN   Supe/Aviator   2020-   USNA Supe
1978 Mr. Byron F. Marchant   AA CEO/SUB   2010-   AA CEO
2005 Mr. George O'Garro   SWO/Bus   2021-2023   AA Trustee
1988 Mrs. Matice Wright-Springer   NFO/Bus   2021-2023   AA Trustee
1978 LtGen John Wissler, USMC (Ret.)   USMC   2020-2022   BOT Chair Appointee
1971 ADM Timothy Keating, USN (Ret.)   Naval Aviator   2019-2022   BOT Chair Appointee
1980 VADM Bruce Grooms, USN (Ret.)   SUB   2019-2022   A&SP Trustee
1984 VADM Jan Tighe, USN (Ret.)   IWC   2021-2023   BOD Trustee
1978 ADM Mark Ferguson III, USN (Ret.)   SWO (N)   2022-2024   AA BOT Chair/non-voting 

*Dates of service are for DG Award years, not calendar years.