Tradition and pride are in every USNA ring.  Near the end of their Plebe year, 4/c midshipmen design their class crest which of course becomes a significant part of the ring, a custom that started with the Class of 1869. They will wear their rings with pride and distinction throughout their lives.

Every year, a contract is signed with one company to produce that year's ring. The jeweler who wins the contract is the only one who may reproduce rings for that class year. On occasion, other jewelers who bid for the contract that class year may make crest pins and/or miniatures for that class year. Naval Academy rings are to be owned solely by Naval Academy Graduates and the families of deceased graduates. Please note that the jewelers are under contract not to make rings for non-graduates or collectors. 

List of Jewelers by Class Year

USNA Class Ring Wedding bands

Lost/Found -  Important tips and information To report your class ring or miniature as lost/stolen, or to report you have found a class ring please email us.

Bonds of Gold program

The Ring Bank program
Stories of found and returned rings - Booma Rings

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