The Story Behind the Voice

Blue Angel #7, LT Andre “Sun Down” Webb ’08, USN

As Shipmate interviewed Lieutenant Andre Webb ’08, USN, on the Yard during Commissioning Week, visitors to the Academy gathered around, instantly recognizing he was part of the Blue Angels. There is no denying the draw of the bright blue flight suit. That suit, it turns out, has no pockets, which created an bit of a challenge in stashing the microphone cord. No problem--Webb  anticipated the issue and expertly hid the cord in his uniform.
That’s just part of the job, and so is community relations. “I think the best part of every show is after the show when the jets land,” said Webb, Blue Angel #7, who serves as the demonstration team’s narrator. “We go to the crowd line and interact with the public. We spend as much time is required to let the line die down, until they’re gone.”

Although the team isn’t able to meet with fans after the show in Annapolis, on this visit Webb was able to visit with some old friends and have a Q&A session with some midshipmen and parents prior to the show. That wasn’t his experience while a midshipman.
Back when he was a plebe, Webb missed seeing the Blue Angels show during Commissioning Week, but he was able to hear it from the inside of a classroom during summer school. He didn’t set out to be a pilot—even though his father served in the Air Force—and certainly didn’t aim to be part of the Blue Angels flight demonstration team, but he made it to Pensacola.  “I went to flight school and just did my best every singled day,” he said. “I fought to get by and pass.”
After finishing his first tour flying F18s in Oceania, he was an instructor pilot in Kingston, TN. His roommate was applying for the team, and he become interested too. In a few short months, he’ll most likely move to one of the solo spots and he’s “pumped about it.”

Source: Shipmate: September 2018