WHAT: Service Assignment for the Class of 2019, this event is not open to the public 
WHO: The approximately 1,000 midshipmen in the Class of 2019.
WHERE: Bancroft Hall at the Naval Academy in company wardroom areas.
WHEN: Thursday, 15 Nov., at 12:30 p.m.
WHY/DETAILS: Midshipmen in the Class of 2019 will be informed of their specific career assignments, Thursday, 15 November.

The culmination of four years of challenging study and training as a Naval Academy midshipman is graduation and commissioning as a Navy or Marine Corps officer. 

Midshipmen submit their service assignment preferences (up to six) in late August.  Assignments are based on specific requirements provided by the Department of the Navy and consider both a midshipman’s aptitude and preference for a particular assignment.  Midshipmen may select from 24 different career choices in the Navy and Marine Corps including:

1. SWO (Surface Warfare Officer) 
2. SWO (EDO - Engineering Duty Officer)
3. SWO (Ocean)
4. SWO (IP - Information Professional)
5. SWO (CW - Cryptologic Warfare)
6. SWO (Intel)
7. SWO (N – Nuclear)
8. Submarines
9. Submarine (EDO - Engineering Duty Officer)
10. SEAL (Sea, Air, Land)
11. EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)
12. Navy Pilot
13. Navy NFO (Naval Flight Officer)
14. Medical
15. Supply
16. CEC (Civil Engineering Corps)
17. Intel
18. CW (Cryptologic Warfare)
19. IP (Information Professional) 
20. Oceanography
21. AMDO (Aerospace Maintenance Duty Officer) 
22. USMC Ground
23. USMC Pilot
24. USMC NFO (Naval Flight Officer)
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Source: USNA Public Affairs Office
9 November 2018